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Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by PlengoP, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. PlengoP

    PlengoP Guest


    I am using SiteBuilder pages to create the menus of the site. I am trying to set service menu with sub menus service 1, service 2 etc. This is easy, however I would like to set that in the browser the user will be able to browse only the sub menus (currently he goes to service, see the content I placed there and the sub-menus open in the left side)
    Is it possible to do it? If yes how?

  2. blazesoft

    blazesoft Guest


    No its not possible to do that. The only way to see the sub pages is to click on the main link and then you see the list of subpages. Having it bypass this page isnt possible.

  3. jbays

    jbays Guest

    You can do it with flyout menus - where you hover over the primary menu and the submenus flyout. We have a Linux Sitebuilder mod available that allows for CSS/XML flyout menus. But blazesoft is correct in that the primary menu item must have a page associated with it, it can't be a stand alone menu item with no page.