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Micro Updates vs. New Version?

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Suggestions and Feedback' started by lhwparis, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. lhwparis

    lhwparis Guest

    Till now i understoud micro-updates as bugfix and security fix releases which are installable quickly and fix imedate problems. no new features, no critical changes.

    last microupdate causes HUGE problems with mail because of implementing new features.
    why are you doing that? why are things like that not done with a new plesk version like 10.3.2?

    can you please explain how you decide what is a micro update and what a minor new plesk version?

    now i can neither install new plesk versions nor micro updates without testing them... thats bad if one of the micro update fixes security issues because testing is time consuming
  2. IgorG

    IgorG Forums Analyst Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Novosibirsk, Russia
    Yes, it was really problem with sending mail from Apple in MicroUpdate #4. But it was fixed very fast. We have provided quick workaround immediately and fixed it globally with Microupdate #6 that was released today.
  3. lhwparis

    lhwparis Guest

    thanks igorG.
    first of all it were not only mac clients. roundcube webmailer, some other clients were effected too.

    thanks for your quick reply yesterday and the quickfix release today.

    but my main question in this thread was another one: why are new features implemented in microupdates. why arent you doing things like that with version updates 10.3.2 for example.

    the reason is: i am testing new plesk versions on my test system before i update my live systems. in the past i have installed micro updates directly on live system because i thought they just fixing bugs and security issues and do not implement new critical things.

    your time fixing this problem was ok but i hope you understand that customers wanna have 24/7 email withh no issues. so in future i have to test every micro update on a testsystem too, because it may be you implement new things with micro updates?
  4. BenKet

    BenKet Guest

    How to know which Microupdates are installed?

    I think this is related to this thread.

    I have today re-installed 10.3.1 after a bad experience with 10.4.4. However i have an Apple Mac / Qmail / Horde set-up and together seem unable to send emails from clients on the Mac. OK from clients on Windows computers. So the first thing I wanted to check was that I had MU#6 installed. But when I run the query described in Kb9294 it just tells me patch version='16'. Can I assume all earlier patches, relating to 10.3.1, are also installed, or part of the 'new' 10.3.1. that I just downloaded? (Unfortunately I have little command line experience as I was expecting to administer through a control panel). What I really wanted to check is if I have patch MU#6 installed. Can someone enlighten me how? Thanks.
  5. paulieG

    paulieG Regular Pleskian

    Mar 5, 2009
    Likes Received:

    Yes you do have patch #6 iinstalled as the microupdates are incremental and you have everything up to #16 installed : http://kb.parallels.com/en/112871

    I assume your problem is not fixed?

  6. Kirill K

    Kirill K Regular Pleskian

    Dec 24, 2007
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    Plesk microupdates are cumulative (so MU#16 contains all previous microupdates too (i.e. MU#6)).
    List of installed microupdates/patches is available in autoinstaller log - /tmp/autoinstaller3.log (find phrase "Installing patches...").

    Could you explain, what is 'bad experience'? Thanks.
  7. BenKet

    BenKet Guest

    Re query re experience with 10.4.4

    Thanks to the Forum members for confirming that microupdates are cumulative.

    kriogen - you asked me to explain the experience with 10.4.4. Basically the update failed with a large amount of error messages and the CP became unavailable, mail service etc was down. I didn't investigate further but just went back to an earlier version. Before committing the upgrade there was warning about some incompatibilities but they looked beyond my capability to fix and the likely outcomes I expected I could live with. (there are no clients on the CP). From the description I expected the upgrade would succeed but create some oddities relating to duplicate administrator accounts etc. So i went ahead but the incompatibilities were clearly far greater. Over the years my Plesk server has been upgraded from a 2008 version so I suspect that there are configuration incompatibilities that will prevent me from ever moving beyond 10.3.1 without a significant amount of work.

    I still have no solution to sending and receiving mail (Qmail) through clients on the Apple Mac... Will look at changing the Horde setting next. I have to say that I had not expected so many problems with the Plesk server. For a long time I have been able to run it and mail services without much need of intervention.