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Migrate Plesk 7 Windows to another server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by peritus, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. peritus

    peritus Guest

    Hello everyone

    I currently have a Windows 2003 (without SP1) with Plesk 7 for Windows installed. I would like to move everything i Plesk to a new server with Plesk version 7.6 on it. What options do I have?

    Is the way to do it like this (any other ways?):

    1) Install Windows 2003 SP1 on the current server.
    2) Upgrade to newest version of Plesk 7.6 on current server.
    3) Use Plesk backup util on current server
    4) On new server install Windows 2003 with SP1
    5) Install Plesk 7.6
    6) Restore Plesk 7.6 backup?

    How and where do I get the backup util?

    Hope to hear from someone soon :D


  2. peritus

    peritus Guest

    No one to help me???

    I have tried to install version 7.0.2 on the new box and made a backup from the old box. I have then tried to restore the backup, but I get som MySQL / database problems afterwards..

    What I would like to try is to upgrade the old Plesk version from version 7.02 to 7.5.6 and the to upgrade to 7.6.1. Then Install Plesk 7.6.1 on the new box. What is the way to migrate data between to 7.6.1 installations? (still do a backup on the old server and then restore?)

    I have an old 7.02 Plesk key that I can upgrade to newest version, but as I can read from SWsofts website there will be a problem if I still runs with version 7.02 after the license key upgrade is done. My problem is... what if the migration fails and I need to roll-back to version 7.02?

    Is it possible to get a unlimited trial key for version 7.5.6 and one for 7.6.1?. If my upgrade/migration works I can go to the SWSofts's website and upgrade my current key..

    Hope very very much to hear from someone today by e-mail because i'm going to do the upgrade this weekend... :confused: