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migrating from shared to vps using Plesk?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by christopher9452, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. christopher9452

    christopher9452 Guest

    I am hosting at HostMySite.com on a shared server. As I want more security, database
    usage, and control over what gets spidered/crawled in my file structure, I am migrating
    to a VPS that uses Virtuozzo and Plesk on Fedora.

    I currently have 7 domains that all point to the same ipAddress. I use an index.php
    that sends the web user to the correct index.htm inside any of one of seven associated
    directories (each dedicated to a domain). They are all mine, non-profit, and basically
    used for a logical partitioning, which I intend to extend via sets of associated
    user groups when, if ever, I get migrated to the VPS.

    The hosting company keeps telling me that "it's easy" and never gives
    me any stepwise support. I just joined the SWSoft Forum so I can get help. I've
    maintained Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, and NT QA-group platforms that were networked
    oon a test suite and that used a common test suite each test run would check out
    of a version control area. I am naive, however, when it comes to getting my first
    user/group/mail_account/domain set up.

    I run into some problems that apeear to be 'out-of-order' as when Plesk's Add a New Client expects an ipAddress, et. al. for it to use. However, I cannot add a domain without a user name/password. It appears as a Catch-22.

    I keep asking HostMySite the files that Plesk touches when adding a user, group, domain, ipAddress as I'd rather get the first one done via SSH. However, will Plesk show those 'power-user' changes when it is used.

    I want to associate users in groups able to only access the area inside its associated domain directories. That also protects fiiles from spidering and crawlers, unless opened up to them.

    Can someone guide me through the stepwise of adding all 7 of my domains to the 1 ipAddress of my VPS? I also want to create groups around each domain and users within those groups.


    Chris Gray
    christopher94523 (is my forum user name)
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 USA