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migration mail problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jcg76, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. jcg76

    jcg76 Guest

    1. we migrated some domains to plesk 7.5.3 in order to use this server as a mailserver.
    2. we symlinked the mailnames directory into /home/mailnames/ to have the /home/ partition just for mails. (should be no problem)

    now we have two problems

    1. some mailaccounts are not able to use their pop account. the mailprogram says "there is no new mail". But
    - I can see the mail in the shell. when the user connects with pop the mail will be moved from the directory /new/ into /cur/
    - with webmail the user have access to his mail...
    - after reinstalling only this mailaccount (there are lots more) everything work...

    2. The horde webmail interface signatures are not working. No, not just not working: I'm not able to edit the personal information options!

    The first problem we finally fixed but what about this horde option problem?

    Do you have an idea?
  2. jcg76

    jcg76 Guest

    I solved both problems:

    1. no idea for the reason of the problem but i just reinstalled all the problematic accounts... now I know all the passwords from the users that I don't want to know but it works.

    2. this was just a handling error... omg
  3. jcg76

    jcg76 Guest

    getting crazy

    Ok the first problem again but:

    I installed a new user in Plesk 7.5.3 with a new domain and new mailboxes.

    Now I installed a new mailbox-user "jcg" (new ). I have the same mailbox.-user in another domain on the same server (old)

    First of all I can send emails with the new Mailboxes, but I'm not able to receive mails. I can see them in the shell but when I try to get them via POP --- "there is no new mail" looks like: without errors...

    Now it becomes strange:
    I can send mails from "new" to "new" and I can receive the mail from "old". When I receive the mail first with "new" of course the mail is gone...

    But: If I send a mail from "new" to "new" I'm able to receive this mail from "new".
    When I'm send a mail from "old" to "new" it's not possible to receive this mail with "old" and also not with "new"...? (remember that I can see this mail in the shell)...

    Any Idea?

    really crazy, isn't it?

    semms like this has got nothing to do with the migration!!!

    symlinking the "mailnames" directory into "home" shouldn't also be the problem...?
  4. jcg76

    jcg76 Guest

  5. jcg76

    jcg76 Guest

    ok you should use "user@domain.tld" as your username for POP instead of "user". Can be this causes the problem. Hm.