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Migration Manager 8.01

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pstechnology, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. pstechnology

    pstechnology Guest


    I am trying to get up and running a new 8.01 server. I already have a 7.5.4 box which I want to migrate a few domains from onto the newer box.

    Trouble is, I am not sure how the migration manager works.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Source host = domain I want to migrate from old server to new server (eg mydomain.com)
    Login as root and supply root user password
    I leave Data Import alone?

    Working Directory. Heres the confusion. Where do I import into?
    - /local/psa/PMM/var
    - /home/local/psa/PMM/var
    - /usr/local/psa/PMM/var
    - /var/local/psa/PMM/var

    Then do I have to use the Data Import afterward?

    I can't find much info in the manuals on this, so any help would be appreciated.
  2. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest



    It's the working directory where temporary files will be stored. Just use any (better inexisting) directory on the partition where you have plenty of free space.

    No. It is just for the "offline migration" or "single-host migration" as described in manual and rarely used. "Usual migration" (where you do enter login/password) will both fetch data from source host and restore it on the host you are migrating to.
  3. pstechnology

    pstechnology Guest

    Thanks for you reply dm__.

    I am getting timeout errors after a couple of minutes when trying to migrate a domain.

    Is there anything I have to do on the older server?
  4. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    Ah, seems I was wrong about "source server" - it should be the IP or hostname of the server you are migrating from, not the name of domain you are migrating. You'll be given the list of domains to select what domains to migrate during the migration process.
  5. pstechnology

    pstechnology Guest

    Tried just the IP adress. Still times out.

    I have checked the Plesk online documentation and for version 7.5.4 is talks about iconv. Is this something I need to do? If so, how?

    Thank you.
  6. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    iconv utility is needed, but missing iconv should not result in timeouts. You may try to read the logs (somewhere at /usr/local/psa/PMM/var) to find out the reason of the problem.
  7. pstechnology

    pstechnology Guest

    Well, I got it working. It was all my fault!

    I had configured the Plesk Firewall to only allow SSH from certain IP's. Once I added the new Plesk server to that list, all worked fine.


    Thanks for your other help mind you.