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Mixed 2-3-4 SB accounts

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.1 for Linux' started by bartje3, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. bartje3

    bartje3 Guest


    I've started once with SB 2.x where the user accounts where not manageable from Plesk.
    Since 3.x the integrations began, but I'm still dealing with plenty accounts which I cannot move to a proper plesk-accessible account.
    Now we have SB 4.1 with (full) integration, again I have to create new accounts, and I'm still sitting on my old accounts from 2.x and 3.x which are now "lost" from within Plesk. When does a "site-to-user switch" will be available ? I have tried several times to change the ownerships of sites, but always ended with a broken database and much errors. Why is SB database so unlogical ? Too much dependencies, ids, parent, site_id, module_id ...
    Why don't depend everything to 1 ID (which can be easily changed) ? The Plesk database is much better organised (innoDB-like), more rows but less records per row -> less dependencies if you change a value.
    This way I could create new accounts from Plesk and put an existing site on it.
    After upgrading Plesk and SB, Plesk didn't import the sb_database, a restore from sb_backup_file also interupted and failed, caused by a site which was in the backup, but had no owner. I 've restored it manual by replacing the database and sites. (By the way: some tables structures have changed in 4.1). Every update on SB is like a nightmare, my customers don't like this business.

    Now that SB is "integrated" into Plesk, new errors will happen. I only think on plesk migrations to other servers, client migration of domains, plesk_backups aso...