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more than 6 top level pages??

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by pedropadron, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. pedropadron

    pedropadron Guest

    hi there!

    I would like to know if it's possible to have more than 6 top-level pages on sitebuilder.

    I've checked the knowledge base and it has references only to the total pages limit.

    I know that if you put lots of top level pages on a horizontally oriented menu template, it would be completely messed up. but I was just wondering if we could set something like 10 top level pages for an vertically oriented menu layout.


    Pedro Padron
  2. timgdixon

    timgdixon Guest

    This comes from:

    Note: The maximum number of top-level and second-level pages you can create using SiteBuilder is 60 (6 top-level pages and 10 second-level pages). This is the limit of the SiteBuilder application. In addition, the total number of pages you can add is also limited by the business plan defined either by the SiteBuilder Administrator or a Reseller. In the figure below, the maximum number of pages allowed by the business plan is 10 (see this message in the navigation pane on the Pages page). If you want to add more pages than allowed by your plan, please contact the SiteBuilder Administrator or Reseller.

    Hope that helps.
  3. emsol

    emsol Guest

    I'm confused by this.

    The admin area you can set the maximum number of pages in a plan to whatever you like - are you saying that restrictions apply, despite the number entered here ?
  4. timgdixon

    timgdixon Guest

    Yeah I am with you. It would appear you can enter whatever number you want and I saw a hosting provider that offers SiteBuilder plans with as many as 75 pages.

    I guess the only way we will really know is to enable a plan with a number greater than 60 and create a site from that plan.
  5. emsol

    emsol Guest

    Our base plan was set with 9999 pages and a customer complaned that she can only do 60.

    I created a new plan named "Advanced" and set this to 9999 also - ive asked her to test it.

    Its a real shame if they are imposing this limit because there really is no good reason for it and to be honest, i dont think we would have bought sitebuilder if we had been made aware of this limitation at the start. They are hardly forthcoming with this info.
  6. timgdixon

    timgdixon Guest

    I tried to read everything i could get my hands on before making my purchase and didn't see the limitation until after-the-fact. I suppose thats my fault.

    I will be very interested to see what your client experiences. The site I mentioned that offers 75 page plans is: http://www.onlinesitebuilder.us/gold-site-builder.shtml

    I am also having a problem with the Shop module. It redirects the client to the sandbox.paypal.com SDK site instead of the standard https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr

    Have you experienced this? I have submitted a ticket to swsoft but have had no answers as of yet. Surely there must be a file that can be edited to change the URL, but i haven't found it yet.