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My Suggestions for features

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Amin Taheri, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Amin Taheri

    Amin Taheri Golden Pleskian Plesk Certified Professional

    Jul 5, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Seattle Area
    This is a list of features I would like to see - I am limiting mine to what has not already been said or posted in the four existing posts at the time of this writing, and would be the most useful for me. While I like new features a lot of these are "fixing existing problems and oversights" more then adding new functionality (although there are some new features here as well).

    Finally have the ability to view previous months data.

    Database User prefixes:
    SwSoft implemented the Database prefix and separator (clientname_dbname) for me but they left out the Database user, so that would be nice to get.

    Fixing the bug with Remotely hosted MySQL Servers on windows
    When using mysql5 on windows remotely with plesk it errors out a lot, I've sent SwSoft a fix for it several months ago and hopefully they will actually use it.

    Custom Mime Types:
    The ability for customers to Edit existing mime types and add their own through the plesk UI

    Directory browsing:
    The ability for customers to enable/disable directory browsing ( option Indexes ) through the UI per directory

    Sub FTP users:
    The ability to create and manage sub FTP users through the UI and point them to web accessible directories or existing directories of your web. This would also be controlled under limits per client and per domain.

    Get rid of Web users:
    With IE6 SP1 and IE7 no longer supporting the http://username@domain.com format of accessing web sites (you can enable it but you have to edit the browsing users registry) its no longer acceptable to rely on this or even offer it. As such it should be replaced with Sub FTP users

    Hide Private IP and specify public IP to use:
    When you are behind a NAT and do not have public IPs bound to your machine, you then have a private IP. Well in plesk your IP is displayed all over the place, and it can be misleading to have your private IP all over the place, not to mention it can expose your network IP architecture to some undesirable people. When adding domains the DNS records are set to the private IP, and there is a DNS warning that is displayed that your domain does not resolve to the servers IP (as it goes to the public instead). We should be able to specify a Public IP that will replace the private IP used as the primary IP for all customer DNS checks, and displayed publicly to avoid confusion.

    Change password Event Handler:
    They have one for almost everything else, except this one, which would be handy.

    More Interface Template customization
    Ability to change the fields available under the client information page in interface template so that they can change certain info and not others. There are also other sections where further configuration is desired but not possible.

    Domain/Client not found errors
    When searching for domains or customers if you have a space at the end it will tell you it didn't find anything. Plesk should trim leading and following spaces to reduce these occurrences.

    Adding sub domains of main server domain
    Allow the ability to enable/disable the creation of sub domains in the clients account that are sub domains of the main server domain. For example if your domain is domain.com a customer can currently go to their account and create sales.domain.com in their account, create mail and spam people possibly phishing for information as a sub group of your hosting. This should be disallowed by default, but have the ability to enable for those hosts who utilize this feature.

    Plesk php upgrade
    Plesk uses 5.2.1 php version, they should upgrade that to 5.2.5 or what ever the current version is at the next major release, possibly with the suhosin patch as well, but not required.

    Client groups
    Allow admins to create client groups and move clients into it for easy management and viewing, so that you can see all customers and domains in certain groups and easily perform group operations on those customers (ie standard customers, gold customers, noobs, etc)

    domain groups
    Allow clients to have the same thing as above only for domains (ie main domains, private, email only,etc). This is handy for customers who have lots of domains in one account. Some of our customers have over 100 in single client accounts and management is tough sometimes.

    Display custom news items to customers
    Remove the standard Plesk news as most customers do not care, display that only to admins who log in to see messages from Plesk (remote retrieval with Ajax). In stead allow the admins to display customized messages to clients and client groups so that they can display marketing messages, maintenance messages, or anything else they desire.

    Allowing admins to manage vhost.conf
    In plesk UI it would be nice for admins to create or edit vhost.conf files for domains, possibly with predefined templates available with the click of a button it populates the text box with text that the user can then simply edit, like for setting suphp, open base dir, mod security exclusions, etc.

    Allowing multiple php versions
    In our windows hosting we offer the customer the ability to have both php4 and php5 in the same hosting account, often times for the same domain, or even on different domains in the same account. It would be a nice new feature to also allow this for Linux customers.
  2. flosoft

    flosoft Basic Pleskian

    Mar 4, 2006
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    The thing I like the most: vhost.conf!