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Nameservers / PTR

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by dbgrebey, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest

    New to Plesk...
    I purchased a VPS with 1 exclusive IP.

    - I've created: ns1.mydomain.com & ns2.mydomain.com
    - I've added these at my registrar.


    I'm having 2 problems:

    1.) If I only have one IP how do I assign a unique IP to both ns1 and ns2 ...It seems kind of silly for a hosting company to sell a VPS with only 1 IP if you need 2 to setup your nameservers? Or do I need to do something different altogether?

    2.) I'm receiving the PTR, No DNS Reverse Entry error; what needs to be done to fix this? Is this a setup error in Plesk or with the Hosting company?


  2. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest

    What my setup currently looks like:


    72.xx.xx.xx/ 24 PTR mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. NS ns2.mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. NS ns1.mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. NS ns.mydomain.com.
    mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    mydomain.com. MX (10) mail.mydomain.com.
    ftp.mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
    mail.mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    ns.mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    ns1.mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    ns2.mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    webmail.mydomain.com. A 72.xx.xx.xx
    www.mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
  3. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest

  4. flupke

    flupke Guest

    as for your point #1: if both domain ns1.domain.com & ns2.domain.com point to the same and unique IP adress then you will have the same dns server answering for ns1 & ns2. This might prevent you to host some TLD like .DE, I don't know if the rule still apply but 2 year ago they did request to have both dns running on diffrent IP of different class C address. Other TLD also check this.

    A solution is to have a 2nd VPs just for your 2nd DNS, another is to use services that will provide you slave dns services.

  5. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest


    thanks for the response; I will check regarding the nameservers/TLDs as you recommended.

    Any advice regarding how to proceed in fixing the "No Reverse DNS Entry" ? Specifically, is this a Plesk configuration or something my ISP needs to resolve.
  6. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest

    Errgh... What did I do wrong (keep in mind, presently I only have 1 IP address)?
    Are these problems the result of my hosting company not setting up my VPS correctly or me not understanding how it works? :confused:

    Nameserver Errors:

    FAIL: Number of nameservers
    ERROR: You have 2 nameservers, but both are on the same IP! This is not a valid setup. You are required to have at least 2 nameservers, per RFC 1035 section 2.2.

    FAIL: Missing (stealth) nameservers
    ERROR: You have one or more missing (stealth) nameservers. The following nameserver(s) are listed (at your nameservers) as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the parent nameservers (therefore, they may or may not get used, depending on whether your DNS servers return them in the authority section for other requests, per RFC2181 5.4.1). You need to make sure that these stealth nameservers are working; if they are not responding, you may have serious problems! The DNSreport will not query these servers, so you need to be very careful that they are working properly.

    FAIL: Single Point of Failure
    ERROR: Although you have at least 2 NS records, they both point to the same server, resulting in a single point of failure. You are required to have at least 2 nameservers per RFC 1035 section 2.2.

    FAIL: Stealth NS record leakage
    ERROR: Your DNS servers leak stealth information in non-NS requests:

    FAIL: Reverse DNS entries for MX records
    ERROR: The IP of one or more of your mail server(s) have no reverse DNS (PTR) entries/* (if you see "Timeout" below, it may mean that your DNS servers did not respond fast enough)*/. RFC1912 2.1 says you should have a reverse DNS for all your mail servers. It is strongly urged that you have them, as many mailservers will not accept mail from mailservers with no reverse DNS entry. You can double-check using the 'Reverse DNS Lookup' tool at the DNSstuff site if you recently changed your reverse DNS entry (it contacts your servers in real time; the reverse DNS lookups in the DNS report use our local caching DNS server). The problem MX records are: [No reverse DNS entry (rcode: 3 ancount: 0) (check it)]
  7. danliker

    danliker Silver Pleskian Plesk Certified Professional

    Feb 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    you have 3 nameserver, is that right ?
    and this are 3 separate server with 3 different ip adresses ?

    you can't do dns with only one server! maybe you need to rent one more server or dns service..

    the ptr record only works, if the admin of this ip range point them to your dns server, normaly the owner of the ip range do the dns ptr records on there dns server, ask your isp or the owner of the ip range ...
  8. dbgrebey

    dbgrebey Guest

    Thanks for the response; that helps. One more question (sorry if I'm a bit slow on the uptake).

    With a VPS do I have to setup/use my own private nameservers or can I use the ISPs?
  9. flupke

    flupke Guest

    Yes, that's what I predicted, you need a nameserver running on another IP address, no way to fool he registrar, some of them check everything.

    In our pipeline we have this service that we will offer in the close future: slave dns service