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Nexellent SiteBuilder

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by iMedia, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. iMedia

    iMedia Guest

    Where can I find support for Nexellent SiteBuilder? There doesn't seem to be anything on the net for this.

    Searches turn up nothing.
  2. rchurch

    rchurch Guest

    Following the links led me to a site www.aionics.ch, which unfortunately is in German.. Nexellent SiteBuilder appears to be an extension of Mambo.

    Unfortunately the language setup is in German and I have to learn how to add the English module to it.

    Any help?
  3. iMedia

    iMedia Guest

    Sorry rchurch. That's what I found too. Darn. I guess there is no English version. I wonder if Google can translate? I'm heading over there now. Thanks. :)
  4. rchurch

    rchurch Guest

    It has a lot more templates than basic Mambo. I tried to change the language module but it still retained a lot of German entries.

    I think I will have to try some way of changing them for good.

    It appears some base files where done in German. I will try some multilingual templates to see if it can be properly changed
  5. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    i've had great success switching this to english, and would be more than willing to share what i've done with someone who has the "know-how" to get the other parts done too.

    i mean i've created enough to switch to english in the language selection area, but tons of the things have to be manually edited thru the interface, and i haven't found "all" the locations for that as of yet.
    if someone's serious about doing this, i'll be more than happy to help out.

    additionally alta vista's babbelfish was a great help, but i found that after getting it's translation, i had to figure out how to type it in a way that made sense, so some of my work may make a person laugh, but it does get the point across

    http://scamz.net/SiteBuilder/ <-- obviously i've not finished the front end for this, but it can be made totally transparent to the enduser, however the backend still needs work :D
  6. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest


    I was able to get sw-soft to open a support ticket on this issue, and below is the reply they gave me, I also just finished writing them a polite letter telling them the answer they gave was incorrect. LOL.

    From: "Ivan Butorin via RT" <plesk-support@sw-soft.com>
    To: <bcs1@*> <- not that it matters, but yes i masked it
    Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 9:56 PM
    Subject: [SWsoft #79762] Need to get Nexellent sitebuilder for Plesk 7.5.4 for FreeBSD

    > Bill,
    > actually, Nexellent Sitebuilder was renamed to 'Mambo' in later versions and still presented in application vault. You can install it by going to 'Domains' -> <domain> -> 'Application Vault' -> 'Mambo' and filling necessary fields.
    > Please check and let us know if you have any further questions.
    > --
    > Ivan Butorin
    > Technical Support Engineer
    > SWsoft, Inc.

    and Yeah LOL i have MANY more questions

    I'll try to stay on top of this, or any of you may contact me through PM, and we can see what we can do to get this done up into english.

  7. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    Good Job done by support:

    After several emails back and forth support has given me the file for NSB and the instructions on how to add it to plesk......

    I've gotta hand it to them, they've certainly exceeded what i thought they would do in refference to the issue.
    i've extracted the files to a folder on my hard drive here, but so far have been unable to find the remaining german language files...still working on it though...and the hardest file to find seems to be the one that controls the language for the admin menu (the one across the top).

    Hope this isn't boring anyone, and of course as soon as i get the entire thing all redone i'll let you guys know the file-list ect that i had to change.

  8. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    anyone still watching this thread?

    I'd hate to think i'm talking to myself here, but i have found what i think is the main file to edit. As far as i can tell the file sitebuilder_20102004.sql is the one that is imported into a site's database when setting up the sitebuilder, now i'm not good enough to have figured out what script calls that dumpfile and imports it into the database, however by looking at the dumpfile i got the idea to use phpmyadmin to edit the existing database. i now have full english language throughout the front end and the backend of the site.
    it took 4 files to do this
    1. english.php
    2. english.ignore.php
    3. english.xml
    these were placed into the language folder chmoded then in the admin panel i selected english and clicked apply
    4. sitebuilder_20102004.sql (english version
    IE. editing the database)
    where i'm stuck is shouldn't we be able to simply import/restore the modified version of the database through the backup/restore utility? rather than having to edit the database?

    Additionally we don't have to edit every table in the thing, i've found the following tables (pretty much) are the only ones that really need anything done to them


    aside from that just browsing through them takes very little time and isn't hard to do

    the rest of the entries are pretty simple to edit within the administration panel, but being that i was already in the database i took the extra 5 mins or so and did most of them too

    So to the gurus...any thoughts?, ideas?, know anyway or any link on how to create an english language pack for this thing?, or even build an english version of this to drop into the folder where any site we add can come up with instant english?
    i guess the thing to do would be to copy the httpdocs-files.tar to my home directory like /home/user/httpdocs-files.tar then extract the files replace the sitebuilder_20102004.sql and add the english language files then recompress it and copy it back into the folder usr\local\psa\var\cgitory\Nexellent_SiteBuilder-1.1-1\apps and give it a try.......

    does anyone even care any longer? LOL

    TIA all
  9. [MaDBuCe]

    [MaDBuCe] Guest

    Can you send me the package? I will take a look
  10. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    it's a little over 6 mg, send me an email to bcs1 at spamcop dot net and i'll send you a link to dl the tgz file put "Nexellent SiteBuilder Reply" in the subject line so the spam filters won't get ya.
    unless of course your mail server won't take a puke on a file that size, if not let me know, and i'll send it in email.

    also found a couple of other files that needed to be changed, and did so on them too...if i'm not mistaken the entire thing should come out in full english now. Of Course i don't want this released publicly until there are no bugs in it, as i have added my name to the files in some places, and i don't want to look completely stupid..........