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OpenWebmail and PLesk

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Borf, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Borf

    Borf Guest

    Is there a way to replace the webmail program that Plesk uses with OpenWebmail?

    Or, can OpenWebmail co-exist with the existing webmail program and read from the same mailboxes?

  2. beukot

    beukot Guest

    Now i try Plesk 8.1.
    Openwebmail works fine :)

    My openwebmail.conf:
    domainnames             auto
    smtpport                25
    smtpauth                no
    virtusertable           /etc/mail/virtusertable
    auth_module             auth_pop3.pl
    auth_withdomain         yes
    auth_domain             auto
    quota_module            none
    use_hashedmailspools            no
    use_syshomedir                  no
    create_syshomedir               no
    use_homedirspools               no
    homedirspoolname                Mailbox
    homedirfolderdirname            mail
    homedirdotdirname               .openwebmail
    use_syshomedir_for_dotdir       no
    deliver_use_gmt         no
    authpop3_server         localhost
    authpop3_port           110
    authpop3_getmail        yes
    authpop3_delmail        yes
    authpop3_usessl         no
    Openwebmail check mail for user via pop3.
    User preferences are stored in <openwebmail_dir>/etc/users/<domain>/<user> (in FreeBSD must be owner nobody:nobody)

    Enjoy :D
  3. baravalle

    baravalle Guest

    Any idea on how to solve this error?

    Can't locate modules/dbm.pl in @INC

    I'm not familiar with perl and apparently OpenWebMail is not locating the modules. I don't feel too happy about copying the modules in any system path.