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Outlook - incorrect time when receiving mail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Insomniac, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Guest


    Apologies if this has been brought up before, I couldn't find this problem in my searching...

    I have resolved all sending and receiving issues in Outlook Express thanks to posts on this forum... except one - if I send someone (or myself) an email at say 10:30am, it arrives in their/my inbox almost instantaneously, but Outlook says that it arrived at 7:30am. There seems to be a consistent 3 hour discrepancy.

    Any ideas what could be causing Outlook Express to be reporting the receipt time incorrectly? Strange thing is that when I hit reply or forward, the body of the message that contains the original message reports the correct time of 10:30am...

    I am very new to Plesk, so bear with me if I've neglected to include essential info...

  2. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    If you are on a dedicated server (not a VPS), have you made sure that the Server's time is correct, as well as the Server's TimeZone setting? SystemBoard BIOS clock, etc? (see the link below for HOWTO)
    Checking Linux Timezone:
    #ll /etc/localtime
    should show you something like this:
    lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           27 Jul  8 16:13 localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/PST8PDT
    (more info at: [url]http://www.linuxsa.org.au/tips/time.html[/url])
    In this case, the server's timezone is symlinked to the PST8PDT, which is Pacific Standard Time
    8 hour offset Pacific Daylight Time.  Which is correct for California, USA.
    Checking/setting Linux time:
    See the following link for a great HOWTO for Linux
    I believe a VPS server has a different way to check/set these.

    If you are looking at the email headers from Qmail, here is an excerpt from a mailing list some time ago:
    Sorry I don't remember when it was or even where it was.
    Email clients such as Outlook Express should auto-convert from UTC to your local time (assuming your Windows OS is set for the proper Local TimeZone as well...)
  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Guest

    Thanks for the reply James (it was actually your posts that solved most of my other issues!). I am however on VPS hosting... I'll check all of my Outlook settings though.
  4. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    According to a post in the Virtuozzo forum, by 'fenster' a moderator:
    Then he refers to another thread for further instructions:
    Hope this helps resolve your problem.
  5. Insomniac

    Insomniac Guest

    Thanks again James - that info was very helpful in getting my VPS server time to be in sync with my local time (although using the appropriate timezone file for my local time - /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Brisbane - resulted in the server being out of sync by approx 3 hours instead of 17 hours - by trial and error I managed to find an alternative timezone file that fixed the server time difference).
    But even now that the server time appears to be in sync for me, it has not solved the issue relating to Outlook Express.
    After experimenting a little further, it appears that if I send an email to an external address (someone that does not have an account on my VPS server), the receipt time is accurate for them. But anyone with an account on my VPS hosting still receives mail with incorrect receipt time - 3 hours out.
    Similarly, if someone sends an email to one of my external email accounts, I receive it with the right receipt time. If they send the email to my internal VPS hosted account, the receipt time is 3 hours out of sync.

    There seems to be some issue somewhere where 3 hours is being lost (or is it gained?).

    Any other ideas? :confused:
  6. Insomniac

    Insomniac Guest

    OK - after some extensive google-ing, I found that this seems to be a common problem, with a seemingly hard to find solution.

    One possible solution I found was this:
    (Taken from http://forum.plesk.com/showthread.php?threadid=9499 )

    Can someone translate this "solution" into understandable English please?
  7. Insomniac

    Insomniac Guest

    I also found this if it helps anyone attempting to diagnose/solve this problem:
    After even more testing, I have found that ALL incoming messages to my VPS server have the incorrect receipt time on them - ALL incoming messages to other servers are fine regardless of whether they were sent by my VPS server or not.