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Parallels sitebuilder help question

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by mike kilpatric, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. mike kilpatric

    mike kilpatric Guest

    Hello Forum members,

    In just a moment i will get to my question but first, At the End of January I bought my first ever Domain name via a hosting company who also kindly gave me a free easy to use Parallels control panel sorry to say i do not know the name of the templates or numbers as I know nothing about intenet/website/computer tech talk I can only say I have Parallels Plisk sitebuilder free with hosting for one year, the whole process was cool, with out any problems at all and my first website is looking fantastic so i congratulate myself and the company who sold the product to me, I have used MSNspaces now for three years and found this free blogging also easy to use and more so very interesting this helped in using my sitebuilder as the site builder is a little bit a like msn spaces of which I can use ever part or area of the page, so moving on to an easy to use website control panel sitebuilder is the way forward for me I think. I sent my hosting company this question and they kindly sent me to forum.parallels to ask my questions so here I am

    And so to my question?

    I have used common pages for each and ever page on my website so they all look the same and I have written on each page alot of information and loaded some photos from my computer and all is well, But as I look or as you look at your computers monitor each Website/Blog/Space I look at, it seems that a web page is divided up into Header/Center page/Footer/Left hand side/Right hand side I have all writting and photos in the middle and exstending all the way to the right hand side, The left hand side of the web page is blank "completely" beside the sitebuilders template design/colours not even navigation buttons to other pages,

    I would like to upload some photos to the left hand side of my web pages so when a visitor come to my site they have some eye candy to look at, is this possible? If so how is this done? I have read the help section and watched the flash tutorials many times but there is no information for this to be found.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope one of you maybe able to help me in this quest