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Php not working... kinda weird

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by timmylogue, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. timmylogue

    timmylogue Guest

    Alright let me start off with that i'm still learning this server thing I got it back in November 2007. I seup a domain called www.healthvisions.com and I'm pretty sure that I setup everything right and checked PHP support. Php doesn't seem to be working. I can make a database and login to phpAdmin just fine.

    So Whats happening is I have a simple management product inventory where our office members login and see what products are still available in stock. ( its very simple application )

    Well anyway just for that heck of it I try other php applications to see if I was my coding. Nope was not that. So what I did was uploaded the same files to my personal website server which is a totally different hosting company and tested the application and that worked just fine!!! the way i wanted to work!!!

    Here are my examples: This first URL that is below is my working application that is on my personal hosting plan. Just login and "Create New XML Article" and try to delete it. It works the way it should work!


    User name is: tom
    Password is: test

    Here is my same example on my plesk server: The URL that is below is not the working php application. Just login and "Create New XML Article" and try to delete it. When you try to Create a New XML Article it takes you to the page to create one, but when you hit "Add Article" it just takes you to a blank page and also when you try to delete the one of the .xml entries it will not do anything... Please take a look at it for me. Like i said i'm still trying to the best i can to learn the server and its prob takes a little bit of time but i'm doing the best i can.


    Username is: tom
    Password is: test

    Please Help me out!!! maybe something is off that i should know about?... I did try to call my hosting company about this problem and they just cant seem to help me or that sometimes i cant get a hold of them. :(

    Thanks - Timothy
  2. timmylogue

    timmylogue Guest


    anyone? please.