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PHP5 and PHP4 on sametime

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by redline, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. redline

    redline New Pleskian

    Mar 25, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Hello i have php5 running with apache2 with plesk and i want also run php4 on my fc4 can someone help me?
  2. dfuzion

    dfuzion Guest

    Hi, same problem for me. I just took a new server in a another datacenter. I was on debian sarge with plesk 8.1.1 (the buggy one!) and php4. Now I got a FC4 distro. (new to this one in fact) with plesk 8.1.1 but with php5 on it. How can i install php4 in conjonction with php5? Or maybe simpler: remove php5 and install php4, without making a big mess on my restored sites?

    Thanks for your help,

  3. vivhost

    vivhost Guest

    I have a similar issue. Just got a server with fc4,plesk 8 and php5, where I need to migrate a bunch of sites which only run on php4. How can I downgrade php correctly on a plesk 8 fc4 box?
  4. doomtux

    doomtux Guest

  5. vivhost

    vivhost Guest

    Don't know, but if you run debian sarge with php4 and plesk 8.0.1, it works great.
  6. mastersherin

    mastersherin Guest

    how to install php4 and php5 in plesk

    No need to downgrade the php5 . You can install php4 as a side of php5 in Linux plesk server .
    So the .php extension files will take php5 as default php and .php4″ extensions will take php4 as default php . You can also set the default php as php4 for a particular domain.

    Note: Current running php is php5 in the server .So we dont touch the php5 settings

    You could also able to set php4 as default php of a domain
    If you wish this type of configuration please follow the link below ,