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phpmyadmin fails to backup database

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mrfisho, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. mrfisho

    mrfisho Guest

    Okay I got through the admin panel to try and backup using phpmyadmin .,. I select all then save file as either zip or tar or nothing and then click go.. I get the usual wait time then get the popup asking where to save file .. I select a folder then click okay.. it shows it is download complete but data is empty.. Database is around 20meg and has been before I upgraded to 8.3 .. Used to download fine..
  2. ziba@

    ziba@ Guest


    Try increasing memory_limit in PLESK_ROOT_DIR/admin/conf/php.ini and restarting Plesk.
  3. mrfisho

    mrfisho Guest

    Thanks ziba that did the trick..problem solved :)
  4. sigallb

    sigallb Guest

    I have the same problem

    I'm trying to backup a database, and I keep getting an empty export page (or if I try to "save as file" - a zero size file).

    just to test the solution given above, I've increased the memory_limit in php.ini to 256M, and phpmyadmin now allows me to export larger tables. but it still returns an empty export for a 120MB database.

    using plesk 8.3.0 on a linux server.

    can anyone please help with this?