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Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by michellez, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. michellez

    michellez Guest

    Right, first warning, new to Plesk in the last few hours so bare with me here! ;)

    Plesk version = 7.5.4
    Apache = 2.0.53
    PHP = 4.3.11
    OS = FedoraCore 3

    I'm basically trying to get phpsysinfo to run, all it shows me is the IP and then lots of N.A tho!

    I have already searched the forums, and read and tried lots of things.

    For starters it doesn't look like what i put in /home/httpd/vhosts/domain.com/conf/vhost.conf is even being applied. I created a phpinfo.php file with the phpinfo() function in. It isn't even bothering to show what I'm putting in vhost.conf re open_basedir and safe_mode. So I think that's where I need to start :(

    Safe mode is off (globally in php.ini and reported be off locally too in my phpinfo.php file..). If I try and put it on globally and off in the vhost.conf file it's ignored.

    I have changed openbase_dir temporarily to / to test. That had no effect.

    Does SELinux have any effect with phpsysinfo too? Read in the README for phpsysinfo it can but not seen anyone refer to it when trouble shooting!

    Thanks guys
  2. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    I have gotten this to work. From what I have heard, SELinux will cause issues, though I do not use SELinux on my servers yet.

    To get the vhost conf to be loaded, I added the following right before the closing statement in the site's httpd.include:

    Include /var/www/vhosts/domain/conf/vhost.conf

    In my vhost.conf file I have:

    <Directory "/var/www/vhosts/domain/httpdocs/phpsysinfo">
    php_admin_value safe_mode 0
    php_admin_value open_basedir "/var/www/vhosts/domain/httpdocs/phpsysinfo:/proc:/bin"
  3. rvdmeer

    rvdmeer Guest

    Sadly enough my experience is that if you change something in plesk which might have impact on apache the complete apache configuration files are rewritten. Therefor such config files will not last very long.
  4. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    This used to be the case, but doesn't appear to be so anymore. I noticed that a couple sites I migrated from 7.1 to 7.5 brought their vhost.conf's with them and PSA automatically added an Include for them in the httpd.include and httpd.include.new files for the site. I had to remove these entries manually when I removed the vhost.conf file. I thought this was odd.

    I have spent all night getting PHPsysinfo to work and finally got it up and running by following my directions above. I have even made changes to the site's setup from within PSA to force it to rewrite the httpd.include and it left MY Include statement alone in all instances while changing everything else. Even after countless Apache restarts, everything kept on working. :D