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Plesk 7.5.3 released!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by smtalk, May 9, 2005.

  1. smtalk

    smtalk Guest

    What's new in Plesk v.7.5.3 build 75050506.13
    1. [*] IMP webmail version changed to 4.0.3.
    2. [*] Horde version changed to 3.0.4.
    3. [+] Optional Horde applications are added: Ingo e-mail filter rules manager, Kronolith calendar, Mnemo note manager, Turba address book.
    4. [+] Site Preview supports POST & GET methods.
    5. [+] It is now possible to transfer domains from one client to another using the control panel.
    6. [-] Problem with mail name rename/password change is resolved.
    7. [-] Files uploaded through anonymous FTP get proper owner.
    8. [-] TTS mail gate ignores messages from MAILER-DAEMON.
    9. [-] Game Server Module allows to use Steam accounts with '@' sign.
    10. [-] Problem with MAPS spam protection when many zones are used is resolved.
    11. [*] 'Take no action' option added and set as default in spam filter training.
    12. [+] It is now possible to select partitions to store dumps during migration.
    13. [-] Mailing list is now turned on properly.
    14. [-] Problem with incorrect admin e-mail in DNS zone in some cases is resolved.
    15. [-] Problem with operating domains on XFS file system is resolved.
    16. [-] Disk space used by mailing lists with names with capital letters is now counted properly.
    17. [-] MySQL DB users cannot list all database names anymore.
    18. [-] Problem with Client Application Pool page is resolved.
    19. [-] Domain administrator can change his password.
    20. [+] It is now possible to enable/disable Spamassassin support for mailbox using spamassassin.sh utility.
    21. [-] Problem with Backup/Restore Utilities if IP is 15-symbols long is resolved.
    22. [*] PostgreSQL databases are now created with ENCODING='UNICODE'.
    23. [+] It is now possible to setup SSL and non-SSL host in the same directory.
    24. [*] Qmail was patched to use local time in mail headers.
    25. [+] maillist.sh utility supports encrypted passwords from now on.
    26. [+] sftp-server is added in chrooted environment.
    27. [-] AUTH CRAM-MD5 works.
    28. [-] AuthPAM is disabled for ProFTPd to prevent problem with long logins.
    29. [*] If PLESK_QUOTACHECK_OFF environment variable is not empty then quotacheck will be skipped during Plesk installation.
    30. [+] It is now possible to hide unused control panel controls.
    31. [*] It is now possible to use passwords reminder for encrypted passwords.
    32. [+] New OSs supported (CentOS 3.3, SLES 9.0 and Debian 3.1).
  2. PSi_101

    PSi_101 Regular Pleskian

    Oct 5, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hooray! Congrats SWsoft :)
  3. Vane

    Vane Guest

    Going to upgrade now!

    on a test server :p
  4. zeki79

    zeki79 Guest

    good luck :)
  5. Vane

    Vane Guest

    Downloading /PSA_7.5.3/Standard/psa_v7.5.3_build75050509.14_os_FreeBSD_5.3_i386.sh
    166299 of 291494 Kbytes (57%)

  6. DaanK

    DaanK Guest

    i find it a bit funny that they release this also for debian 3.1 , since debian 3.1 isn't in the stable branch yet

    Anyway, upgraded yesterday on FreeBSD5.3 and got tons of errors + perl problems.
    lucky for me i was just installing a new server , so no harm done.
    Just gonna do a fresh install now and get things right.
  7. Triloxigen

    Triloxigen Guest


    But is MySQL4 supported? (Because 3 sucks :|)
  8. Griffith

    Griffith Guest

    the plesk-7.5.3 beta said it was tested with mysql-4.1.7 and below, but cant find this statement on the final release :(
  9. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    Hey Daank,

    Did your fresh install work any better than the upgrades I see posted?
  10. Triloxigen

    Triloxigen Guest

    Same problem here.. :|

    (And I want AW Stats, But I don't een try to ask if its in it :|)
  11. DaanK

    DaanK Guest

    just about getting started on the fresh install ..

    will post in an hour ;)
  12. Vane

    Vane Guest

    Buy 4PSA Advanced Statistics ;)
  13. Triloxigen

    Triloxigen Guest

    That isn't a sollution, it's a work around.. :)
  14. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Yep MySQL 4.1's supported, but init script needs to call /etc/mysqld instead of script calls /etc/mysql - i.e. it'll need modifying if you're using mysql.com rpm's, or will work fine with ART's rpm's (I think, unless ART's changed the rpm).
  15. DaanK

    DaanK Guest

    ok .. it's a bit longer.. :rolleyes:

    did a default install from ftp
    no extra's included

    running the automated installer
    downloads /PSA_7.5.3/Standard/psa_v7.5.3_build75050509.14_os_FreeBSD_5.3_i386.sh

    and then

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  16. Hultenius

    Hultenius Guest

    So MySQL 4.1 is supported? Great!
    What about PHP5?
  17. smtalk

    smtalk Guest

    It will be included in Plesk 8.
  18. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    PHP5 will work fine ... it's got nothing to do with Plesk as plesk admin serverhas its own installation of apache and php which have no connection to the PHP version your clients use. I'm not saying it's a good idea as it breaks a lot of scripts, but as far as plesk's concerned you're good to go.
  19. Griffith

    Griffith Guest

    Cranky: you say it support mysql-4.1 and i've tested it..and it seems to work (used 4.1.11 directly from mysql.com), but do you know if Sw-soft say they support it? Can't find where this is written?
  20. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Good question, let me see if I can find out.