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Plesk 8.4 -> 8.6 problem, broke phpmyadmin

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by christurner, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. christurner

    christurner Guest

    I've always updated to the newest Plesk without incident, so I didn't even consider that it'd break things so terribly today. My initial upgrade attempt ended in a failure, which resulted in all kinds of issues. I eventually attempted the upgrade again, this time it said it ended in success, but still indicated as if I should upgrade something, so I did this one more time. At this point my web server started functioning again, but since my phpmyadmin has ceased to function. Despite it telling me the upgrade was a success in my email, the login screen and subsequent 'whats new' screen and such all still say Plesk 8.4 instead of 8.6. I'm running Cent OS 5 on a quad core Intel Q9300. Attempting to use phpmyadmin yields the following error:
    MySQL said: Documentation #1045 - Access denied for user 'pma_<some 12 character hash here>'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. It kind of looks like the autoupdate server was down when I tried to get the update from it or something and it crapped out and broke my install.
    In any case, the end of the initial upgrade failure log looks like this:

    ***** upgrade problem report *****
    cleanup chrooted environments on existing domains

    mknod: `/var/www/vhosts/chroot/dev/null': File exists
    probably it will not work in chrooted acconts

    During the register groups in chrooted environment found some problems(see
    log file: /tmp/psa_8.6.0_cos5.build86080722.00_upgrade.080801.12.18.log)


    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.18190: line 1975: 13708 Aborted
    "$PRODUCT_ROOT_D/admin/sbin/chrootmng" --create --target=all
    --source="$CHROOT_ROOT_D" --safe >>"$product_log" 2>&1
    ***** upgrade problem report *****
    distribute chrooted environments on existing domains

    ===> Installing phpMyAdmin
    Trying to create pmadb... sed: couldn't write 44 items to stdout: Broken

    During the create pmadb found some problems(see log file:


    ===> Installing /usr/sbin/suexec replacement
    Trying to backup original /usr/sbin/suexec... done
    ===> Cumulative upgrade has been started

    ERROR while trying to execute SQL query, the query was: UPDATE Cards SET
    country = 'RS' WHERE country='CS'
    Check the error reason(see log file:
    /tmp/psa_8.6.0_cos5.build86080722.00_upgrade.080801.12.18.log), fix and try


    error: %post(psa-8.6.0-cos5.build86080722.00.i586) scriptlet failed, exit
    status 1
    Trying to start MySQL server... Trying to establish test connection...
    Trying to establish test connection... connected
    Trying to upgrade persistent database storage... done
    ERROR: Failed to download the package
    Couldn't resolve host 'autoinstall.plesk.com'
    Not all packages were installed.
    Please try installing packages again later.
    Please, resolve the above problem and try installing the packages again.
    If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, contact product technical
    support for assistance.
  2. KrazyBob

    KrazyBob Regular Pleskian

    Nov 28, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I currently run Plesk 8.4 on CentOS 4.5 in a Virtuozzo 3.x environment. I just backed up the node and was going to attempt the u;grade from 8.4 -> 8.6 but will now be watching this thread.

    Any other reports of issues?
  3. christurner

    christurner Guest

    In addition, attempts to update now result in Plesk's autoinstaller telling me that all components are up to date, despite it still showing that I'm running 8.4 in all its text in the control panel.
  4. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    I also have the same problem from upgrading. It appears as though my config.inc.php file is missing from the phpmyadmin folder and the login details from the phpmyadmin/libraries/config.default.php is no longer matching any users in the mysql database!

    Can someone please help out, we are missing the config file and still cant log in.
  5. gorilych

    gorilych Guest

    Plesk upgrade script should save config.default.php from previous version.

    Look for files config.default.php.old or config.default.php.save
  6. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    Yeah that wasnt there either. Also on my other server, that file config.inc.php doesnt exist but it still works!
    I reinstalled plesk base with a force from the command line. Seemed to work.