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Plesk and Merak crashing

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by brainus_tech, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. brainus_tech

    brainus_tech Guest

    Hi all,

    We're facing a strange problem here: on 7 of our servers (all running Plesk) our Merak SMTP service (and only the SMTP service) crashes in a random time, multiple times, every day.
    We have already reviewed the configurations for both Plesk, the server, and Merak, and there shows not anything in the Event Viewer or Merak logs about any error happening. Our Plesk spamassassin is turned off, but the filtering DLL is still enabled on the Merak mail server External Filters session.

    Question is: in order to test if the causes of the crash are related to this filter, is it safe to disable/remove the merakmailfilter.dll (the Plesk antispam/spamassassin filter external DLL) from the External Filters list on merak? Will it break anything? Does it server for any other option other than this Spamasssassin and MAPS checking?

    It really looks like it's the DLL, as the problems are not related to traffic or connection peaks, nor to bad configuration of the Merak filtering and services.

    Any idea?
  2. james_times

    james_times Guest

    I have extactly the same problem. First, SMTP crashes every a couple of hours. Then, I cannot even start the Plesk panel after the server is running for a couple hours. No response at all. Stuck forever. Sometimes database crashes too but will be restarted automatically. However, the server is still running.

    The web traffic is constently low in my server and there is no peak. The memory usage is almost 100%, but I dont have any extra program on the server. Just the basic things like SMTP, DNS, Database, etc. I have a server with 512MB memory. Can this be the problem?

    Is there any solution?