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Plesk Automated Email Hosting Software - 3rd party software

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jeffparis, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. jeffparis

    jeffparis Guest

    NOTE: This version is a combo of the original and the MAX version. It allows you to configure multiple domains for your users to choose from.

    Description: This software allows any plesk administrator (with root access) to offer automated email service to their users. Your users will have webmail and pop/imap/smtp access instantly! This software simply allows your site to communicate and act as a safe gateway between your users' browsers and your installation of plesk. Yes, this includes yearly paypal ipn for subscriptions. Your users can upgrade and register with paypal. Software easily installs and I can install for free, same day of purchase and safely. You get a money back guarantee, just to offer you assurance that my software works safely and smoothly with this software. Look below for all features! Watch out for cheap rip-offs, this is the real deal!

    Price: Just $59.99 - Purchase

    See customer reviews here.

    Software Demo: Click here!


    - Admin can add unlimited domains and remove domains.
    - Users can choose what domain for their email address.
    - Paypal yearly subscription ipn for upgrades and new registrations.
    - Easy and fast user email account creation in automatically.
    - Users can reset lost passwords automatically.
    - Users can edit their password automatically.
    - Admin can edit and delete users.
    - Admin can ban ip addresses.
    - Admin can upgrade users automatically.
    - Admin can use any web design with this software by adding just one tag to the html of the design.
    - Logs all ip addresses of all users at time of registration and account login and logs them with the appropriate username. Stores a new entry for each unique ip address/username combo.
    - Uses little system resources.
    - Prevents sql injections and other submitted user data issues
    - Configurability: User-side is easily templated with one plugin.
    - Allow or disallow free signups with a storage quota.
    - Allow or allow paid signups via paypal ipn.
    - Create up to 3 membership levels with storage quotas and prices.
    - Allow or disallow multiple sign ups per ip address.
    - Create your own "secret questions".
    - Choose a payment denomination based on a 3 letter paypal code.
    - Uses cron to add and change accounts.
    - Strict user data validation! (addslashes, strip_tags, htmlentities, you name it!)

    Minimum Requirements:

    - Linux root access (Plesk : admin access)
    - php 4.1.1+, mysql 3+, apache web server
    - Paypal account needed to accept payments from your users.