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plesk client site turning itself off

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ggggarret, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. ggggarret

    ggggarret Guest

    i've got plesk7 on windows and only about 15 clients setup on it. one client in particular keeps having this problem where the website (after a few days) stops coming up. when you surf to the site it just hangs and displays a page cannot be found error after about 5 minutes of thinking. if i go into the control panel and turn the site off i then get the plesk default page showing up. when i turn off any other site i get a page cannot be displayed message, not a plesk default page. does anyone have any idea why this site would be doing this? it's only get about 15 visitors a day and i have everything set to unlimited.

    the only way i can get the site back up is to backup the files, delete the site, recreate the site and put the files back in. i'm having to do this at least every 3 days.

    i'm not having this problem with any of the other sites, some of which get more traffic.
  2. ggggarret

    ggggarret Guest

  3. hostia

    hostia Guest

    we used to have this problem with plesk 6.5. traced it to a fault in BIND (DNS). We disabled BIND and used MSDNS instead.
  4. ggggarret

    ggggarret Guest

    does that mean i'll have to set DNS manually through IIS? or does it just mean plesk will use a different method for doing this for me?
  5. ggggarret

    ggggarret Guest

    ok so using info from another thread i looked through my Event Viewer and found this error:

    The site '24154' was disabled because the application pool 'website.com(pool)' defined for the site's root application is not a valid application pool.

    i also found this error:

    A process serving application pool 'website.com(pool)' exceeded time limits during shut down. The process id was '8100'.

    what can i do about this?