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plesk database place problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by atokatli, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. atokatli

    atokatli Guest

    I rented windows 2003 with plesk from layeredtech
    but there is a understandable situation likewise described below (my plesk is 7.0.3)

    one of my customers wanted to a secure place for ms acces databases, because if we put databases in httpdocs, whatever we make,it can be downloaded from web site,

    so, I stareted to search a place a place, a secure place,
    but I can not find
    so, I make a new directory on the main root of the user ftp account (not in httpdocs, in the directory which includes httpdocs error vice versa...) and I give permissions of user to that folder,
    nevertheless I must make this additon to whole my customers today and in the future
    is there any component or program in plesk which gives permissions to directories depending on my desire
    or is there any dos command for this aim
    the seketon system can not allow this process
    when I put under the sketon directory that database directory, whenever I make a new hosting account, it makes a folder likewise defined in the skeleton, but plesk can not give permissions according to the user
    so user can not acces that secure database place for avoiding hacking

    please help me for tihs problem
    where can I put the databases and how can I give permissions via msdos (by writing a program which calls that msdos with parameter periodically)