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Plesk is really trying!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by siren@, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. siren@

    siren@ Guest

    I wasn't going to do this, but I can't deny they are truly trying. I can not, and will not, argue the fact that they made a major mistake in releasing Plesk for Windows, which I will no longer call 6.5 because that is decieving.

    It took some work on my part, but I became in contact with a person at Plesk and went over my whole situation. I did this in a way to let them know exactly where DDI Hosting is at, where we are headed and why we are having so many problems. It wasn't immediate, but I now have the help I need.

    As of early Janaury 8, 2003 I began working with Plesk to resolve the IP aliasing hotfix that didn't work. It caused a new error in creating new users for a domain. After many hours the current tech couldn't get it to work and it was referred to the next shift. I choose to stay awake and I am now working with support and developers to resolve this issue. The IP aliasing fix now works properly! You can add over 17 IPs and still add domains. I am still doing further testing.

    They are also installing other Hotfixes for various issues I, and others, have reported. Hopefully all of these will work. They are very close to a full solution and patch. They have restored a good portion of my faith in there company and I have to give them credit for that.

    I will say that they are close enough to a patch that if you can wait just a little while longer I believe you will be happy with Plesk. It will also help them tremendously because with these problems fixed thier support won't be so backlogged.

    They made a major mistake with the release of Plesk for Windows and have learned a hard lesson. They are trying to make up for this. I say give them that chance. Once these problems are corrected I believe we will see 100% better support and a much more stable product.
  2. tdscom

    tdscom Guest

    Hi Larry,

    After playing with Plesk and other panels, I too am convinced that Plesk for Windows has a tremendous potential.

    Because of the issues we found in the initial release, we are waiting for "the" patch, before rolling it out on our production servers. But compared to other panel vendors, I am glad that Plesk does take the time to test this patch and make sure it addresses all the issues reported, instead of rushing it out and make things worse.

    Keep up your efforts Plesk, we have faith in you.

  3. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    I agree.. The effects of the merger of Plesk and SWSoft has become rather apparent over the last few months. When PSA 6 went into beta, we had a few months to work out the bugs and got a very dependable CP out of it. But with 6.5, it feels like it was in beta for two weeks, I remember grabbing it the first day and requesting a beta license and never recieved it because 6.5 had already gone final. The support we got with 6 beta was nice but seems kinda binded up now since the merger from what I have heard everyone say. I chose to sit this one out because I knew just from the initial install that 6.5 had too many issues to be called final and I knew support would be swamped.

    We are commited to PSA for all our servers as an investment and while this puts a kink in our windows hosting rollout, its given us time to go back and fortify other areas while we wait. The updates I have seen so far have been fairly noticable and we eagerly await what I am sure most of us would consider "final." I think it was more of a recent Corporate move to get a windows product "out there" especially after Dan had already mention windows support was (at the time) slated for PSA7.

    With Dan gone (form Plesk anyway), we have sortta lost our direct connection to the company aside from Turtle whom I consider more renegade than Corporate. :p Were all kinda running blind with 6.5. But I am certain they wont disappoint us.