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Plesk is VERY slow in Windows

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by trip, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. trip

    trip Guest

    I am experiencing a very slow login to Plesk. This also occurs when I move from module to module. It is very frustrating, and I do not think that my customers will appreciate the slooow login or interaction!! - I have yet to move them over from an older and different control panel.

    Is anyone else having the same problems? What did you do to overcome it or get around the problems? The slow access is so bad that I am considering moving over to a Red Hat server.

    Terry Passmore
  2. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    This is a known issue, and it is fixed in 7.5.2, currently in testing. It will be released soon.
  3. trip

    trip Guest

    slow login

    Thanks for responding so quickly. Any idea when that fix will be available?
  4. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    You know, every developer hates to answer that question :)

    Ok, I'll give you an estimate - 7.5.2 should be released within a week, unless something really bad will be discovered during testing.
  5. trip

    trip Guest

    slow plesk login

    you have made my day
    thank you!
  6. kami@

    kami@ Guest

    Has the upgrade issue from 7.03 to 7.5 been completely resolved in the upcoming 7.5.2???.

  7. NxTek

    NxTek Guest

    The login takes about a minute to come up and close to a minute on every page load. This is absolutely rediculous.

    "This a known issue"

    Great. It wasn't a known issue before it was released??

    Remind me not to upgrade for at least a month after a "new and improved" version is released. Take a break from adding new features and fix bugs you already know exist. :rolleyes:
  8. blemming

    blemming Guest

    I'd have to agree. Upgrading to any new release of plesk is a very dangerous habit. I would wait until sw-soft gets a few hundred complaints before upgrading.

    My clients are all frustrated with me and all I can say is "sw-soft is aware of the issue." That doesn't make our company look very professional.

    I like how they are running Plesk version 7.5.2 on their site as the "demo" of 7.5.1. Guess they don't want potential new clients to see how bad the delay is.
  9. NxTek

    NxTek Guest


    Yeah that goes over very well here too.
  10. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    We are not just aware of the issue, it was fixed promptly. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons 7.5.2 update is still in testing.

    We want to be sure that upgrade to 7.5.2 from previous versions will not cause any problems to customers.
  11. nextcontact

    nextcontact Guest

    Email sent to mgr @ Corporate that could use some "USER FEEDBACK"

    This is an email i sent recently to someone at sw soft corporate, that might fit well into this post (especially since if the "multiple release versions" was part of plesk's business model, those of us who are willing could get the "immediate fix" for slowness - AND OTHER ISSUES - as soon as it was completed instead of waiting for the final release):

    "I was holding off for sometime on the next plesk release, as well as trying to find another option to get a packaged software on my windows server that requires PHP5. My customers have been waiting for quite awhile for us to re-launch with this new infrastructure, and this is putting almost everything on hold for us. We have almost no web interaction with our customers, since our main system has to be down. I hope this client experience can help you gain better insight into other customers urgent needs. One thing I definitely feel is better in Cpanel’s business model was to offer different levels of releases. I think they had 3 levels of automatic daily updates to the server.

    These automated update levels that each client selects for their control panel range from a “Fully Stable†to “Bleeding Edge†release. If you had this as even a “non-default optionâ€, I would pick the Bleeding Edge release of Plesk, since my need for PHP5 is more critical than waiting for the stable official release. Options (even if they are limited) are always good for clients.

    This will also allow clients that want to be deeply involved in helping you make a better product, be in essence, beta testers that ALSO PAY for your product (the also pay part by cpanel is a bit fishy, but many of us still preferred to choose the bleeding edge earlier release – which eventually updated to the stable release when out). I for one am willing to provide free feedback and I’m sure there are many out there like me who would be willing to pay, as well as beta test, newer ALMOST STABLE releases. From a client management perspective, I also recommend maybe giving these beta tester clients (who are also paying for your product) a private line to give quicker feedback on what needs to be fixed urgently or improved in a future release.

    Here’s your response on “By the way, could you tell me a bit more about your company, your plans, what we are not doing right for your business, what should we do so you can sell more Plesk and other SWsoft products to customers?â€

    I set up Next Wave Network LLC in October of 2003 to be more of a parent company of several leveraged services. Our core product is Next Contact, which provides a revolutionary toolset to sales professionals. We emphasize the ability to use our automated technology to help these sales executives build stronger relationships with their clients. For example, we can send personalized greeting cards to all their clients with predefined text, personal signatures, on schedule, etc. We also utilize sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to provide TTS or real voice dynamic phone surveys. Next Contact is basically a communications system that allows a sales person to actually get out there and do what they do best. Build a relationship in person and connect instead of wasting time writing cards, calling busy signals, leaving voicemails, etc. We also have other divisions like www.mleaders.com and in the plans to eventually get into the hosting business since it’s a good leverage to equipment we already manage. So we will probably be doing more business in the future.

    I guess the only other suggestion I can think of for Plesk, in addition to the various release versions of your auto-updates is to

    1. make sure there is an “option†to automate the updates on a daily basis and

    2. allow your clients who are willing to be on the bleeding edge release to get access to a “Beta Tester Direct Research†number or extension (even if they are with the planet or another similar host).

    If there is anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to let me know (now or in the future)."
  12. NxTek

    NxTek Guest

    WHO CARES if it was fixed promptly if you haven't released the update yet. Guess how much good that does us. Zero.
    Do you mean more problems than what 7.5.1 caused? I don't know what internal testing and QA is done before new versions are released, but I find it fairly ridiculous that nobody noticed the login taking almost a minute. Hosting providers find themselves apologizing more and more to customers on your behalf and IMO they look like idiots. We run 4 Windows boxes, and if I were a client that heard the excuses we're supposed to give clients, I'd probably cancel service. Here's a typical dialog that you can multiply by about 300 times because that's how many times this sort of thing has happened..

    "Dear NxTek, is the control panel down? I need to manage some Email accounts and set my web site's FTP password"

    "The control panel isn't down, it's just slow since the upgrade. We are aware of this and it will be fixed soon."

    "How soon? I added 1 Email account and it took 5 minutes!!"

    "We do not have an exact time, but like I said, we're aware of the issue and are addressing it"

    "Ok how about my backups not working?"

    "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it"

    "Ok how about my domain aliases not working?"

    "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it"

    "We need to get all these issues fixed ASAP or we're going to have to cancel. Why do we have to use this thing??"

    "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it" "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it" "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it" "We're aware of the issue and are addressing it"

    Get the idea?
  13. NxTek

    NxTek Guest

    Our company policy and procedures have been updated. heh

    The last few upgrades have been nightmares. They fix 3 issues and cause 8 more.
  14. renhack

    renhack Guest

    Heres another example of not testing testing testing on a staging server before applying something to production. If you had done this you obviously wouldnt have upgraded. You can only blame Plesk so much. You'd think after the first upgrade you'd have the sense to leave the other 3 alone.

    You must have some screwy configuration going on. Were on 7.5.1 and although the login is around 5 seconds each page past that is fast. This was an upgraded machine too.

    I agree that plesk has a tendancy to release buggy updates but its your responsibility to your customers to make sure they function as expected before you go production with them.

    Name one control panel vendor that isnt just as buggy as plesk. helm, ensim, cpanel... they are all poor intitial upgrade releases.
  15. NxTek

    NxTek Guest

    There wasn't a choice. Upgrading to 7.5.1 was to fix existing issues that SWSoft claimed to fix. Out of the 5 major issues clients were already complaining about, only 2 were fixed. So, now we're left with 3 PLUS taking almost a minute to login.
    Super. I'm sure every other host experiencing this would be happy to know that your login is fast. That does us a lot of good.
    Ohhh ok. Whew. I guess that justifies it. I'm so sorry for complaining about something we've paid for is giving us a bad reputation by apologizing daily for Plesk screw-ups.
  16. bmd2k1

    bmd2k1 Guest

    is there an updated release date for 7.5.2

    I too have the slowness issue with 7.5.1

  17. renhack

    renhack Guest

    Hey, i was just saying. If you tested you wouldnt have gone from bad to worse. You applied it to multiple machines with the same result on each one.

    Results may differ from setup to setup. Sorry that mine works.

    I'm not offsetting blame. I'm just saying we all share responsibility of the way our servers perform. Given our experiences with the multiple panels we use, plesk has by far been the best in respects to performance and support. Sure there are some outstanding issues, but it's easy to offset those if you have the support staff to help the customers.
  18. fatnetwork

    fatnetwork Guest

    Our first impression of Plesk 7.5.1 for windows is a bit mixed.

    Though there are lots of features, the system is extrememely slow.

    I would like to know from the developer, when the 7.5.2. patch to fix the slowness issue will be released as we really need to get this pepped up. I note that it is about 2 weeks past the date that the developers have stated would be fixed.

    I note that beforeI purchased this package, I tried the plesk demo from www.sw-soft.com and it ran nice and fast (as it still does on the sw-soft.com server). Now I see it is version 7.5.2, and not 7.5.1 which is the only available version to me.

    Any insight to this would be highly appreciated.
  19. nextcontact

    nextcontact Guest

    I still don't see why plesk can't offer more than one release cycle for us to choose from.

    For those of us who are willing to beta test releases earlier than others, we should be able to get an earlier release or at least choose what stage in the release process we get our licenses "AUTOMATICALLY" upgrade on a daily cron job setting within plesk.
  20. jcwilsonmd

    jcwilsonmd Guest

    We were recently upgraded to 7.5.2, the speed has improved 100%. It also solved our log file issue with SmarterMail.