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plesk management service - breaks websites

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Zan_, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Zan_

    Zan_ Guest

    I have an issue where I have had to make the plesk management service manual only as if the server reboots or any form of iisreset occurs then all websites on the server will fail. this is due to the management service.

    if I disable the service. all sites start working instantly with no other actions required (i.e. no iisreset or anything else. just disable the service and watch the sites come online). re-enabling the service will instantly kill all of the sites again.

    this is obviously a massive issue because the plesk control panel won't work without the management service.

    when the service is started I get application pool warnings in the System event log.
    "A process serving application pool 'app pooll name here' failed to respond to a ping."

    this message will occur for every pool.

    now the confusing bit is that after the server has been running for awhile I can enable the service. and it will only kill some sites. ie out of the 30-40 pools only 6 are failing when I re-enabled the service just now. (4 hours after the last reboot to install windows patches)... and every now and again I can enable it and it won't kill any sites.. at which point I start praying that no more MS critical patches appear for at least a month so I don't need to reboot the server again.

    I have searched the logs and I cannot find any other applicable info other than the pool ping messages in the system log.

    fun huh.
    any assistance is greatly appreciated.