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plesk reloaded 7.5.2 on FreeBSD 4 install problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by gijs, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. gijs

    gijs Guest

    Hello plesk people,

    I'm having some trouble installing plesk on a FreeBSD machine. I couldn't find any information about it with google or on this forum. On the plesk website I can only download Plesk for FreeBSD 4.9 or 5.3. We want to run the machine on FreeBSD 4. I can't find FreeBSD 4.9 anywhere anymore, so I downloaded and installed 4.11.

    First I tried Plesk 7.5.2 Autoinstaller build 75041129.17, but this one really doesn't want to work. It directly complains that it is build for 4.9. Next I tried to install Plesk 7.5.2 Reloaded build 75050202.12. But when I try to start this installer, it says that it the installer is corrupted. I downloaded it 3 times (every time it took quite long), and it gives this corruption error to me every time.

    I hacked the script so it skips the filecorrupt check, but then it fails on setting the locale. It is a fresh 4.11 installation, so I think the installer really is 4.9 specific.

    Now my questions are, how should it be installed? Should I REALLY be using 4.9? If yes, where can I find this? Or is only FreeBSD 5.X supported by Plesk?

    A helpfull answer will make me very happy and will give you eternal fame. :)
  2. isnoop

    isnoop Guest

    Welcome, fellow FreeBSD admin.
    You really ought to use 5.3 now. 4.x is now legacy code and the 5 series has proven itself quite well on production machines.

    It is odd that 4.9 is not available on the mirrors. There must have been a directive at some point causing them to delete it. Not that I'm surprised though. 4.9 was released in Oct 2003 and since then, a great number of important security fixes have been made.

    SWsoft should be supporting 4.11 by now though. It was released in Jan 2005, before the latest version of Plesk.

    Anyway, unless you have some really compelling reason to stick with 4.x, I'd still suggest going to the current production branch.

    Oh, also, don't try and get all fancy and try to upgrade perl before you install Plesk. It'll turn into a nightmare.

    Good luck!
  3. gijs

    gijs Guest

    Dear Isnoop,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm installing 5.3 now. My 'boss' wanted to use 4.x, but I have to convince him now :)

    Thanks again, you helped a lot.