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Plesk - SpamAssassin - Mailenable not working together

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Stuart_T, May 29, 2007.

  1. Stuart_T

    Stuart_T Guest

    Im running to following products:

    Plesk : 8.1.0
    SpamAssassin: 3.1.1
    Mailenable Enterprise (eval): 2.37

    The idea is to let SpamAssassin detect and tag spam (X-Spam-Flag: YES) which it does. It also prefixes the subject line with *****SPAM*****

    I have set up a mailbox filter in Mailenable to check for both these header tags and subject tags above and if found to transfer the mail to a junk e-mail folder.

    If I manually send a mail with the work SPAM in the subject then it is automatically sent to the junk e-mail folder, however the mails that SpamAssassin tags end up in the inbox !

    Its as if SpamAssassin is manually putting them there bypassing the Mailenable filter.

    Appreciate your help on this as I am loosing clients due to the amount of spam they receive and the inability to filter it out efficiently using my current Plesk /SpamAssassin/Mailenable configuration.

    The clients do not accept the deletion of spam messages (possible through plesk interface) but want the security of a junk e-mail folder (possible through mailenable enterprise).
  2. Stuart_T

    Stuart_T Guest

    Mailenable tech support replied as follows. Pity Plesk tech support don't comment !

    "After extensive testing we have found what is happening. The reason why the mailbox filter does not execute on the headers is
    because the mailbox filters is checking the headers of the message before the "Spamassassin" devil every event is adding the headers
    to the message. So the only way around this would be to not use the mailbox filter and create a vb script that runs at the mailbox
    level which will run the spamassassin application, add the header and then copy the message to the users junk e-mail folder. I do
    not have vb examples on how to configure this.

    Or alternatively you could configure Spamassassin to run globally (at the MTA level) which will allow the headers of the message to
    be marked with the spamassassin flag allowing the mailbox filter to execute on the header flag."
  3. Stuart_T

    Stuart_T Guest

    Mailenable tech support have further added ...

    The spamassassin "delivery event" that is configured within each mailbox's properties under the "Actions" tab
    (memailfilter_usr.exe) executes once a message has been delivered to the mailbox as delivery event (which spamassassin
    (memailfilter_usr) marks the message headers).

    You can perform the following test to inspect what is happening:

    1. Stop the postoffice connector within the administration console.
    2. Send a message to "info@delta2.net" with spamtrigger in the subject.
    3. Once sent, inspect the postoffice connector "inbound" queue and you will see the message sitting in the queue to be delivered to
    the mailbox.
    4. Inspecting the message headers of you will see that spoamassassin has not yet marked the message.
    5. Restart the postoffice connector and then inspect the message in the inbox. You will see that restarting the postoffice connector
    allows the mailbox delivery event to execute for the mailbox marking the message headers.

    Now the problem with the setup is that the mailbox filters execute before the delivery event executes. So that's why the filters do
    not see within the message the "X-Spam-Flag: YES" because it has not been marked yet. So this causes the message to be delivered to
    the mailbox's inbox.

    A suggestion as mentioned over the phone, would be to inquire with Plesk on how to configure Spamassassin to run at the MTA level.
    This will allow the spamassassin pickup event to execute before it reaches the postoffice connector. Thus allowing the mailbox
    filter to execute on the marked headers."