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Plesk-Tomcat help requested

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by paralikar007, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. paralikar007

    paralikar007 Guest

    We are using the Plesk 8.3 with Tomcat add-on.

    I have searched around and haven't found any solution or help regarding the Plesk-Tomcat configuration and management. Worst thing is I have not found any help regarding the same on Parallels too.

    We want to deploy a java application in the Plesk-tomcat. But since these application are already developed and are running fine in another server tomcat instance, we tried deploying them by tarring and copying the application folder from old server to new one. But Plesk-Tomcat doesnt accept it as its folder structure is different. It needs the application to be deployed using Plesk panel in WAR file format only.

    We are having following issues:

    1) Can an application be deployed in the Plesk-Tomcat without using Plesk-panel? Can we deploy it using the command line? if yes, how and what needs to be done?

    2) If we deploy it using WAR file format, the application is extracted but it is accessible only using port number 9080. We want this application to be accessible using the Top-Level-Domain i.e., www.xyz.com but not www.xyz.com:9080. Is there any way we can do this?

    3) After the WAR is extracted, most of the features dont work as the application has got dependencies which needs to be in either ROOT or WEBAPPS or BIN/COMMON directory. Can we place them in the Plesk-Tomcat similar related directories?

    4) I wanted to run a separate instance of new version of Tomcat on the server and make it accessible on port 80, is it possible? If yes, How? We are not able to set the JAVA_HOME variable as the JDK provided by Plesk is not recognized by other Tomcats. What is the path for JAVA_HOME by default on Plesk 8.3 tomcat?

    5) I was told that, we cannot upgrade the current JDK version to newer one as it will break the Plesk-Tomcat. Then how do we upgrade it? Will installing JDK in a separate user environment will work and not harm running Plesk?

    It will be great if anyone can help us out of this.

    Thank you!