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Plesk8 on Freebsd5.X

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by thinkbsd, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. thinkbsd

    thinkbsd Guest

    Backup Error Plesk8 on Freebsd5.X

    I'm having a problem when attemping to restore a 600meg backup from one server and trying to restore it on a new server. After a while the system logs me out and the restore fails. How do i get around this problem? I'm running Pleskv8.0 on Freebsd5.4. Thanks!
  2. al.ershov

    al.ershov Guest

    It isn't work

    According to topics that I read in this forum and also information that I got from Swsoft:
    - PleskRestore 8.0 incompatible with 7.5 backup
    - If you do want upgrade system - You must install Plesk 8.0 on alive 7.5 version with all data, but don't restore from 7.5 backup on new 8.0.
    - One way is remove 8.0, setup 7.5.4 again, restore backup and install Plesk 8.0.

    I use FreeBSD 5.x too. And Now it is FreeBSD 5.3. To perform update me recomended to do this steps:
    1. Upgrade FreeBSD 5.3 to 5.4.
    2. Install Plesk 8.0 above 7.5.4

    Comment: Plesk 8.0 will not work with FreeBSD 5.3.
  3. thinkbsd

    thinkbsd Guest

    Well thats the thing. I migrated from a Linux Server running Plesk8 to Freebsd 5.4 Server running Plesk8 and it takes longer transferring via http than regular ftp. Default installation. And when uploading the backup file via "add file" under the backup settings after awhile it times out or drops me back to the login prompt.
  4. al.ershov

    al.ershov Guest


    May be can help setting timeout in control panel for long time.

    Another thing is:
    The backup scripts they are different from migration tools.
    But I don't used migration tools myself.
  5. thinkbsd

    thinkbsd Guest

    Thanks that worked.. but...

    Thank you guys for helping me find that option to set the timeout setting.. Unfortunately after all this trouble, the backups dont work because the backup utility errors out while restoring.. Can i say ensim?
  6. al.ershov

    al.ershov Guest

    Restore procedure

    Any time.

    I see only one resolution for this problem. Setup on separate computer the VMServer
    http://www.vmware.com/products/server/ (it's free now).
    Setup as virtual machine system that you used (Linux Server).
    And restore backup in it. After that try migration tools or other tools.

    What is ensim?