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Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by InnerChild, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. InnerChild

    InnerChild Guest

    We have the PPWSE and there is a bug in the system. It seems on any document that we create if you use a special character then this symbol will appear in front of it Â. Now I have tried this on the demo and the problem is there as well and SW-Soft asked for my server info and all that but I asked them to fix the problem within their own environment first before they started digging around in mine. I thought that I might ask here to see if anybody else who has the system has them same problems.

    I also wanted to mention that if you use even coded characters what happens is that they system will then covert it to the symbol and put that extra character in front of the symbol.


  2. poscompo

    poscompo Guest

    Any answer to this as we have the same problem. THX
  3. jacko@

    jacko@ Guest

    Did anyone resolve this?
  4. servertune

    servertune Guest

    You'll have to change the encoding of your application/pages. If you're using Latin-1, change it to UTF-8 or any other encoding to be your default.
  5. jacko@

    jacko@ Guest

    Hi, thanks for your reply. My colleague did this and it worked.