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Problems assigning private SSL certificate

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nleamy, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. nleamy

    nleamy Guest


    I'm having a problem assiging a certificate to a particular site. The certificate has been ordered and issued. The .crt, .key and bundle certs are all in place and installed on the server.

    The problem I'm having lies with the fact that the domain was setup name-based. Obviously, this causes problems. I know a name-based site will fall on the default certificate for a Plesk server. So, there should be one of two ways to solve this. Either set the default certificate to be the private SSL certificate for the site, or convert the site to IP-based.

    I have searched for a way to convert the site to IP-based and have only found articles stating this can be done, but not how. When I finally became frustrated with looking for this solution I attempted to change the default certificate.

    I went into Server Administration and clicked on Certificiates. I checked the checkbox next to the private SSL Certificate and clicked default. That did nothing, so I checked it again and clicked setup. After clicking setup, it waited as it reloaded the certificate, but the site kept using the old default certificate when it was done. I manually reset the web server after both acts as well, no change.

    In short, I either need a step by step instruction on how to convert a domain name from name-based hosting to IP-based hosting, or instruction on what I'm doing wrong for the default document change.
  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    Assing a new, exclusive IP to the client IP poll and change the IP of the domain (click on Hosting and choose the new one). There you are also able to choose the certificate from the menu.
  3. nleamy

    nleamy Guest

    Ok, so your suggestion helped me clear the situation up a bit. I tried changing the shared IP to an exclusive one as their is only one site on the server. It would not let me do this as the IP was in use, and I was not about to take the site down yet without a working backup on the server.

    So, I added a new IP address, this time exclusive. I went into the Domain's setup and could not find any way to change the IP address. It was just written in as to imply that there was no way to change the IP address.

    Feeling that there was no way to change the IP address for an existant site, I decide to just recreate the site on the server. Problem is, when it asked me to choose an IP address, there was only one available to me.

    I went back and hit reread IPs again to make sure the server knew that the new IP was in place, but it still will NOT let me create a new site on the new exclusive IP address.

    So, I'm left with a default cert I can't change, an name-based site I can't convert to IP-based and an IP address that feels it is too much of a request to be expected to do anything. I'm drowning here. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    The problem is that you do not add the IP to the client poll and that's why it gives you the same IP to choose from on domain creation. Even if you have multiple IPs on the server you must add at least a new one to the client poll.
  5. nleamy

    nleamy Guest

    Alright. Thanks for the info. After adding the IP address to the User, I was able to use it to recreate a IP-exclusive account. It seems there really was no way to just change the IP address on the site, it had to be recreated.

    As for updating the default cert, I was logged in as the end user and not the VPS administrator. Apparently only the VPS administrator has control over default certs. Thanks hardweb for your assitance. Take it easy.