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PSA 7.5 copmatibility with MySQL

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by serg3263, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. serg3263

    serg3263 Guest

    Where I can find PSA to MySQL versions Compartibility?
    Please tell me this URL or table.

    I am working with PSA 7.5.1 with mysql 3.28.
    Can anyone tell me:
    Does PSA 7.5.1 work properly with MySQL 4.0.23?
  2. are_eye_see_kay

    are_eye_see_kay Guest

    I'm running 4.0.21 with no problems. PHP 4.3.8-11 is whats killing me.
  3. serg3263

    serg3263 Guest

    How does You check whether Your PSA 7.5 works properly with MySQL-4.0.21?

    My PSA upgrade 7.5.1 -.> 7.5.3 is not completed. Error occured when package "checks" status of service mysqld.
    Old version of mysql (3.23.58) was enable responding to command
    service mysqld status
    New version of MySQL (4.0.23) not supports such directive and "asnwers" :
    usage: service mysqld stop|start|restart

    I wrote script named mysqld that capures input commands and logs. Then I am going emulate correct answer... BUT I AM NOT SHURE THAT PSA 7.5.x WORKS PROPERLY WITH MySQL-4.0.23...
  4. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    I can tell you that 7.5.3 does work with mySQL mysql-4.0.24-2 from ART. If your upgrade 7.5.1 to 7.5.3 did not complete properly, then you need to address that problem.
  5. are_eye_see_kay

    are_eye_see_kay Guest

    I had an issue with one of my boxes puking after every upgrade... I had to run rpm -Uvh --force *.rpm to get it to work. Never been right since though.
  6. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    I hear ya man, like my sig line says 'I hate upgrading, I'd rather build a new box'.

    But so far on all the servers which started out life at 7.5.2 or 7.5.3, the server updater so far has not broken anything. It's only on the bigger upgrades (from 7.5.1 or earlier) where I and too many have seen problems.

    But since not *all* of these version upgrades have had problems (Plesk would have been out of business if that were the case), I feel that many of the failed upgrades have to be due to non-Plesk customizations on the affected servers. That's just my feel on it anyways.

    In the case of your one box that puked, if it were me, I would migrate the accounts to a fresh server and wipe the bad one and start it on a new life. I would do that rather than have to keep worrying about every little update that comes down the pipe. But that's just me....
  7. are_eye_see_kay

    are_eye_see_kay Guest

    It's actually funny you say that...
    The boxes that are running best for me are the boxes that have been imaged, and upgraded since PSA 5.0.5 and RH7.2, they've moved acrossed hardware and endured OS upgrades to be the most stable in the bunch. The box in queston was migrated to a new server at my location from one of the larger facilities out west. That bow was brand spanking new with FC1 and PSA 7.1.6 at the time, and it's been nothing but a headache. It keeps me busy though, and albeit it's a pain, it's fun to play with for practice. The customers never see the turmoil on my side.

    The moral of the story is. Anyone can reinstall, but why bother if you can just fix it. Uptime my friend...uptime.

    I used to do the same thing, so i need to call myself a hipocrite right now, before lightning strikes me down. Re-installing is a matter of how much time you have the way I see it. There is a lesson to be learned in getting an abortion to purr like a kitten though.

    I digress...
  8. are_eye_see_kay

    are_eye_see_kay Guest

    oh yeah I forgot, That box has all my resellers modernbill installs on it, so it's always going to be a pain in the kiester. forgive my spelling today...
  9. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    How true. Even when I accidentally did a 'rm -rf /' the other night on a test box and aborted it part way, I found it more challenging to salvage it instead of reinstalling or reimaging it. No matter that it was just a test box.... :D How I do love a challenge, but I do always put client uptime ahead of all else, afterall they are the ones paying!

    Besides, 'Hi my name is James, and I am a work-a-holic' (wow, step 0 of 12!!)
  10. akucharski

    akucharski Guest

    To answer the original question - we had some problems upgrading to MySQL 4x with Plesk. We eventually managed it using yums but there were always little problems coming up and we eventually abondoned the project.
  11. are_eye_see_kay

    are_eye_see_kay Guest

    I could have sworn we answered that question...
    andrew is right though. The only late version of mysql I would use is ART's, from his yum repo. I haven't had any problems with it so far. It's been about three months since I upgraded it.