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[Qmail] mail down due to Relaylock [URGENT]

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ginkelb, May 20, 2005.

  1. ginkelb

    ginkelb Guest

    After running the update to Plesk 7.5.3 on a Freebsd machine my mail is locked up. The update failed and frose up the machine and it requered a manual reboot in the datacenter. Plesk still indicateds version 7.5.2 and reports that an update is available when loged onto the management interface.

    Log files show the following message whenever an external server tries to deliver a mail message. The log has about 300 of these messages already during the past 24 hours.

    Try it yourself by telnetting to port 25 of (Beware, it takes quite some to for the error to occur)

    I have searched nearly the entire web but nowhere is a sollution or explanation given for the type of error message relating to relaylock.

    The mysql database is running as it's supposed to be. It's accepting input from a webform on the website.

    Does anyone have an answer for me because im going nuts trying to find it and i have a customer that is becoming pretty obset with me.

  2. ginkelb

    ginkelb Guest


    Nobody got any idea about this?

    Server is still responding as mentioned above and the customers are getting pissed beyond belief.

    Please shout any ideas you have.
  3. editor

    editor Guest

    call Stas Protassov of Plesk and ask him: +7 (095) 797 0232
  4. JamesB

    JamesB Guest

    I had the same error, did rpm -Uvh --force on the psa-qmail RPM as well as everything in /opt/mail and /opt/drweb.