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qmail - yahoo and hotmail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by stevepc, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. stevepc

    stevepc Guest

    I running the plesk 7.5.4 on fedora core2.
    I have a problem with qmail.
    The qmail is properly configured and at the mail options the Relay option is selected the Closed.
    I use my isp smtp server to send emails and everything works ok.
    When i using the webmail my emails to Yahoo and hotmail email users are delivered in their Bulk (spam) folder.
    I check my server ip address and it is not listed as open relay at ordb.org or any other 3rd party databases.
    The is a program called "relay test" at http://www.digiarch.org/relaytest.html which i test my servers ip address and i get the folowing results:
    Test using a percent hack and local sender.
    Test using quoted string and percent hack and domain literal in sender address.
    Test in which sender uses local hostname and recipient uses percent hack.
    Test in which sender uses local hostname and recipient uses percent hack and domain literal.
    Test using quoted string and a percent hack.
    Test using a percent hack.
    Test remark: This type of source routing should not be supported by modern mail servers.
    Relay "bang path" test using a UUCP-like destination.
    Test remark: An outdated type of source routing is used, modern mail servers should not validate this syntax.
    After a lot of search on google i found that this problem has his base to qmail.
    Also i telnet to relay-test.mail-abuse.org from the server and i get the following results:
    :Relay test: #Test 8
    >>> mail from: <spamtest@myhost.mydomain.com>
    <<< 250 ok
    >>> rcpt to: <nobody%mail-abuse.org@myhost.mydomain.com>
    <<< 250 ok
    >>> QUIT
    <<< 221 myhost.mydomain.com
    Tested host banner: 220 myhost.mydomain.com
    ESMTP System appeared to accept 1 relay attempts

    And that is the %hack attempt!!!

    I look at http://www.qmail.org/top.html
    and somewhere before the end it says:

    Russell Nelson has a patch to reject relay probes generated by so-called anti-spammers. These relay probes have '!', '%' and '@' in the local (username) part of the address.

    I am wondering why Swsoft doesn't implement this patch into the plesk-qmail?

    Also i found on Yahoo that when accepting a message it makes a quick check to the mailserver that sending the email to Yahoo mailserver to see if it is open relay and if yes it pass the email at the bulk folder.
    So when my webmail user send a email it goes from the plesk-qmail and when contacting with yahoo mail server yahoo find that my server accept %hack and it thinks that is open relay. Thats why pass the email to bulk folder.
    Maybe something like that happens with hotmail also.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hope someone have an answer.

    Can i patch my plesk-qmail :
    psa-qmail 1.03-fc2.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-fc2.build75050824.12
    running on fedora core2
    with the patch from Russell Nelson?
    I am not very technical with recompileations....
    Can i do that with a plugin?
    Importand: I don't wan't to lose my current qmail folders for the domains hosted on the server.

  2. manarak

    manarak Guest

  3. stevepc

    stevepc Guest

    Thanks manarak for your answer.
    Yes Qmail is also fail on ! test.
    I know that my mailserver doesn't act as open relay because finaly doesn't deliver the email. But on the test it seems that it accept them and so mails to yahoo and hotmail pass at the spam folders.
    Hope Sw-soft will apply the http://www.qmail.org/qmail-smtpd-relay-reject
    patch in a future version of Plesk-qmail.