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qmail, zarafa - mail delivery problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by grim_reaper, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. grim_reaper

    grim_reaper Guest

    I use Plesk 8.3 on a Suse 10.1 64 Bit System.
    I only have about 25 clients (not much) and all use Horde webmail in Plesk which is pretty good.
    A few of them now wanted a Exchange like System so that they can sync their PDAs in Real Time, run Outlook as exchange and also have a webmail that looks like Outlook.

    What I did so far:
    So I installed Zarafa an after a few problems the server is now running. I'm able to connect via Webmail, I can run Outlook as Exchange and I can connect via LiveSync to my PDA. (Contacts, Notes and Calender entries already sync with each other!)

    The Problem.
    The Problem now is, that I'm just not able to send OR receive any emails on the Zarafa accounts. (the Horde accounts created through Plesk still work fine)
    For Some reason qmail handles something wrong, I just don't know what :-(

    The Zarafa Manual says:
    The problem is that there a many many .qmail files in Plesk 8 which are all stored unter /var/qmail/mailnames/DOMAIN_NAME/NAME

    The thing is I have absolutely no Idea how to configure qmail :-(
    It would be really great if someone could give me a hint!

    Oh, and of course, here's the qmail error log: