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Questions and suggestions

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.1 for Linux' started by SilviaAmoros, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. SilviaAmoros

    SilviaAmoros Guest

    Hi, I have a collection of all doubts and suggestions I have for sitebuilder:

    Bad translation of the next word in SiteBuilder v4.1 "Estoc.

    Discuss as a collaboration that there is a mistranslation from English to Spanish word of this module in the e-commerce and that the word means stock, although it is an English word in Spain understands the whole world as stocks or in stock available. But if you want to translate the right word would be "existencias"

    How can eliminate the system all skin least that interests us?

    We are trying to eliminate all skin system that does not interest us to let a single How should do so, so that does not leave in the list admin or resseler or client?


    Option ads only in the module shop

    I am curious and I have not found in the manuals that the reason for using the option "only ads" in the module virtual store. What option is this? What does? How that affects exactly?
    Thank you sure this is interesting for everyone.

    Backups individual?

    The forum spoke fairly and make comments on various backup of a web individually, How does this option? What saves the copy? As restores a backup of a single site? At the end customer admin only option appears to back but nothing more, pressing is not exactly what exactly or better technically.

    Modules unofficial for Sitebuilder

    I have heard that apparently there are people who have developed additional modules or unofficial Sitebuilder for, I think I can be interested in this, did anyone interested in exchange of information or knowledge about it?. I do not know if someone is constantly working with SiteBuilder as a platform for creating websites for its customers in bulk.

    Excellent work Dmitry Frantsev

    The version 4.1 I think it represents an exceptional jump in the SiteBuilder application, in addition solves issues important to customers who use this option to its website. Mainly congratulated for the excellent car purchase and new possibilities. Although much work remains to be done to arrive at a version that could bring a high% of things needed to sell the product.
  2. caustic

    caustic Guest

    How can eliminate the system all skin least that interests us
    It is possible to archive this by deleting unwanted skins from htdocs/skins and running sb_config --update_skins. One very bad drawback is that all the users who used the deleted skins will not be able to login.