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Reason for corrupt IP-Adresses

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Beamish, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Beamish

    Beamish Guest

    Hi togehter,

    i have the following problems with my UNIX/Plesk-System (Plesk 7.5.3).

    I have 3 IPs connted to my server.

    IP 1: exclusive for Domain 1
    IP 2: exclusive for Domain 2
    IP 3: Pool-IP for the rest of the Domains

    Since the last 6 weeks i have the following problem:
    Both of the exclusive IPs got corrupt at the same time, so, both Domains are offline.

    I have to repair those IPs in the Plesk-Backend in order to make them work again.
    The Pool-IP is working fine all the time.

    That could be the reason for this?


  2. servertune

    servertune Guest

    What do you mean by, "IPs got corrupt at the same time"? Do you mean the IPs get deleted from the file and you'll have to add them, manually, again?
  3. Beamish

    Beamish Guest

    Both IPs are marked as corrupt in the plesk IP-Pool. I had to fix them there in order to make them work again.

    I don't know anything about possible reasons for IPs to get corrupt!

    Both IPs got corrupt at the same time.

    That happend twice within 6 weeks.
  4. servertune

    servertune Guest

    Did you check the log files for any errors? This is the first thing I would do.
  5. Beamish

    Beamish Guest

    which logfiles are of interest in this case??