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recompile php for mail extensions

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by modom, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. modom

    modom Guest


    A recent problem when running yum to update packages for php to 4.3.2-25 from the CentOS mirror ... was all my osCommerce ecommerce stores could not checkout nor send status emails from the store's admin for customers.

    Response from SW-Soft:

    1. The problem is that php that is available from yum wasn't compiled with mail() function. This causes problems with php. The solution is to recompile php with this function included. To do this, you don't need to specify any additional configuration parameters, but 'sendmail' binary should be available in the system (and on your system it is, because /usr/sbin/sendmail is a link to /var/qmail/bin/sendmail).
    ........end of response

    This line was added to php.ini file by support and not by plesk but wondering if it is necessary:
    exclude=mod_ssl* httpd* perl mysql* php*

    Right now these are the programs lists for updates on my server:
    netpbm i386 9.24-11.30.2 update
    netpbm-progs i386 9.24-11.30.2 update
    php i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
    php-imap i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
    php-mysql i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update
    php-pgsql i386 4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 update

    This is where I was before and had the php problem.

    Does this line, exclude=mod_ssl* httpd* perl mysql* php*, mean that these packages should never be updated on my server because plesk will break with them?

    Since CentOS is a clone of Redhat EL3 and redhat sends out the same updates why wouldn't the mail extensions be in the mirror?

    How do I recompile php as listed above in the yum list updates?

  2. eWebtricity

    eWebtricity Guest

    The exclude= is definitely telling yum not to upgrade those packages, most likely you, your host, or someone supporting the server added that for compatibility reasons.

    I would recommend that you upgrade to at least php version 4.3.10 and depending on how/where you upgrade from will determine how to add in your mail functionality.

    I can't remember if ART offers CentOS packages in his repository. You should also consider the version of Plesk your running and if there are any incompatibilities there with the upgrade.
  3. modom

    modom Guest


    I am using CentOS 3.5 with Plesk reloaded 7.5.3

    Right now my versions are:
    php 4.3.2-24.ent
    mysql 3.23.58-16.RHEL3.1
    mod_perl 1.99_09-10.ent

    The server support people added it. Shouldn't there be a * after perl?
    exclude=mod_ssl* httpd* perl mysql* php*

    Where do I find out what is compatible or incompatible with plesk? Is this the listing in the update text file that plesk sends?

    I was under the impression that you could update your server using yum for security updates and plesk using the CP but apparently this is wrong.

    Do I need to keep this line in the yum.conf file?
    exclude=mod_ssl* httpd* perl mysql* php*

  4. modom

    modom Guest


    I need to run yum update on my server which uses centos 3.5 now. Included
    in that update is updating php-4.3.2-24.ent to php-4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1
    and will be going to centos 3.6.

    Will running this update to centos 3.6 include the mail extensions for

    I have downloaded both the rpm and the src.rpm and cannot find any information listed as to the 0000999 php bug report in either
    the php-4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1.i386.rpm or php-4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1.src.rpm

    Or how would I be able to find out if php-4.3.2-25.ent.centos.1 includes the php mail extensions?

    Thank you!