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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by arazas, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. arazas

    arazas Guest

    It seems that metbase (metadata) files of IIS has been corrupted. I have few questions as you guys are expert you can better advise me:

    1-If I uninstall the IIS and Then reinstall it and then which command I will use to synchronize the IIS with Plesk database. So it will recreate the domains in IIS according to Plesk database.

    -Does it have any side effects?

    -Which measures we should take before we uninstall the IIS?

    -If we uninstall the IIS, will it remove all files/folders from vhosts and users as well?

    -Is it to safe to proceed with this solution?

    Please advice, its Plesk 7.5.6 and Windows 2003
  2. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Plesk run websrvmng --reconfigure-all in folder <plesk>\admin\bin

    You will lose the custom virtual directories and other IIS settings which you created not through Plesk.

    Backup IIS metabase.


    I'm unsure I understand you properly. Could you please explain what do you mean?
  3. arazas

    arazas Guest

    It was great to see that forum administrator has replied me. I really wana say thanks to you sir.

    Actually on my server, IIS metabase got corrupted. I want to know, if I remove IIS from windows components and then reinstall it, is it safe with Plesk? it will not make any messups, right?

    I will simply run the re-configure command and every thing will turn back that is available in Plesk, right?
  4. arazas

    arazas Guest

    Another question is,

    when I will reinstall IIS, I will simply run the re-configure command or is there anything else I would need to do?

    The steps I assumed are as follows:

    1-Take Metabase backup
    2-Uninstall IIS
    4-Re-Install IIS
    5-Run plesk reconfigure command and sit back

    Everything will be back itself in couple of hours.

    The above are the complete steps, right na?
  5. arazas

    arazas Guest

    Please assist me above questions and also this one,

    my server provider has commented this on same question and now I am confused. As Plesk is offered by you, you can better assist me:


    un-installing IIS will cause many problems and will most likely remove all of your data. There is a repair feature inside of Add/Remove Window Components for most of Microsoft's products, and I have had mild success with it in the past. If you are going to un-install IIS, or even repair it, it is always recommended to do a full backup of your system, your website, and all of its content.

    Problems with IIS, in my experience, are often better resolved with an OS reload, as it is too closely linked to too many programs in most cases to be successfully removed and re-added.