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Remove Plesk?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by rhodesy69, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. rhodesy69

    rhodesy69 Guest

    Hi, I realise that due to an error by the creators there is no remove plesk feature.

    However I really need to remove plesk, I have a new windows server and I am trying various control panels out.

    I can't reisntall windows without paying at least $65 to the data centre techs....

    Is there anyway to remove it?

    Thanks Allot
  2. vinhwsu

    vinhwsu Guest

    remove plesk

    you can remove it from your registry

    start-> run-> regedit

    search for plesk and delete them all

    make sure you back up your data before you do it. Also backup your registry in case.

    I usually make a ghost image before install any new software.
  3. ShaneAu

    ShaneAu Guest

    I have the exact same problem. And I did what you said vinhwsu. But there are still many traces of plesk on my server, My server is a big mess. Thanks SwSoft. :mad: :mad:.

    I tryed to install Ensim today, and during Ensims installation, suprise, suprise... the plesk installation pop's up and reinstalls it's self!

    I would like to know from a Plesk Offical or someone who had and fixed the same problem, HOW TO GET RID OF IT!