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Reseller Account problem

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by drfarzad@, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. drfarzad@

    drfarzad@ New Pleskian

    Dec 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    i had 3 reseller accounts in my plesk 8.6 but after update to plesk 9 i don't have any reseller account . how can i change status of these 3 tree domain from domains to reseller ?
  2. PSCGi

    PSCGi Guest

    That and how do you move the Clients under Resellers if you had none
    before? I had no Resellers, just Clients at this point with domains under
    them but I see no entry boxes or anything to reassign them from like
    Client A to Client B nor to even assign Client A to the Reseller A account!

    Wasn't this there and it's gone now or am I missing some magic trick?
    Sounds like what you're asking, which is why I tagged along... Might be
    a little different but if they know where yours went and how to position
    all that right - maybe it'd help the rest of us?
  3. PSCGi

    PSCGi Guest

    Ah Holy...

    Why can't they revamp this and TELL us where they hid this stuff?
    There's a TON of options hiding in the dropdown boxes in each screen
    of your Control Panel.

    They're 'headers' with tiny little down arrows you can't notice right
    off, but for example on the main Admin CP under 'Accounts' you click
    on that and there's like 12 freakin options! Guess what 2 of them
    are... Convert Client to Reseller and vice versa! So in your case, make
    sure those missing accounts aren't Clients instead of Resellers and if
    they are or for anyone else trying to assign accounts like this or domains
    as well - check the dropdowns for all the missing options!

    Parallels... ya - clean, tidy and it's nice when all the stuff's on one
    screen instead of a 14 mile long one but how about TELLING someone
    when you do this???
  4. PSCGi

    PSCGi Guest


    The weird part was I did have one Reseller account with the same
    ID as the Client because of the way it was set up. And a good chunk
    of the domains were hosted under that and I see no easy way to
    move them from one person to another.

    But, in trying to do some of that - my Reseller's gone? When you
    scope ownership and such - it's still there properly. But even adjusting
    the annoying search and preference boxes above any of the views
    that kinda screw with your mind - that one Reseller is also gone.

    I'm working around it, but yet I still won't delete it unless I can
    determine how to do some manually from the Command Line Editor
    or something else - screwy!
  5. PSCGi

    PSCGi Guest

    Anyone else get this? I still have it where Plesk is creating new
    accounts and sticking them automatically to the DOA Owner that
    was there in 8.6, but as mentioned here - gone in 9.X! Hiding in
    there somewhere, but at least the GUI doesn't pick it up to assign
    it, let you modify that or play with the settings to make it stop.