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SB 3: can't publish with XCOPY or FTP!

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Mr.Tom, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Mr.Tom

    Mr.Tom Guest

    Hi all,
    my problem is that I can't publish created sites with Sitebuilder 3 to my local hostserver.

    When using XCOPY with the working Dir /srv/www/vhosts/<domain.tld>/httpdocs/
    I got this error message:
    Can't put content into file '3a08a1b6fddf63e555c6d505c0c9f448.php' (failed to open stream: Permission denied) (publication DSN is 'XCopy::::/srv/www/vhosts/<domain.tld>/httpdocs', current site title is '383ea2532d7927e559fb59719f181cd9' , site owner is 'admin') It is possible that there are no enough permissions for writing or there is not enough free space on the server.

    When using FTP with IP Adress or Domain name with correct FTP-Account and Password!
    I got this error message:
    Can't receive authorization to work with the host 'xxx.yyy.aaa.bbb' with login '<ftpaccount>' (publication DSN is 'FTP:<ftpaccount>@[***]:xxx.yyy.aaa.bbb::/httpdocs/', current site title is '383ea2532d7927e559fb59719f181cd9' , site owner is 'admin')

    Also the documentation about configuring SB3 is very poor!
    I don't know if I had the put in the IP Address of the host, the hostname, the internal IP or just localhost to the host config.
    I have a license for 1 host and 100 sites, normaly I thought this for one host and unlimited Domains hostet on that host can have 100 sitebuilder sites!
    But I can't configure several Domains on that host to be "enabled" by sitebuilder.

    very strange thing, but without a detailed documentation is not possible to understand how this software works...
  2. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    Yep, I have the same problem. You can check out some of my posts under the General Publishing.

    No one has been able to help and we are now resorting to SWSOFT having to look at the server...to fix their OWN SOFTWARE!

    It turns out its a problem with ioncube in many cases...
    If you do a full install from their server, the version of ion cube is correct.....however, it installs as 3.0, no 3.1.4.

    It shows as 3.1.4 in phpinfo, but not to swsofts software.

    How stupid!

    THey placed a version number wrong somewhere and its conflicting internally.

    They say ' if you can see sitebuilder, it must be working '.

    Yep...ioncube works, ( we know it does cause phpinfo tells us and sitebuilder shows )....but when you check various logs....it screams about ioncubes version being less than 3.1.4.

    They dont seem to want to tell you how to fix this either, they are now having to get money out of us to fix it.

    Great company...im sick of them
  3. Mr.Tom

    Mr.Tom Guest

    Did you also check the own php5.1 installation of sitebuilder in /opt/php51/ ?
    Ioncubeloader ist configured there with a own .so file and not your "normal" configuration of php in /usr/bin/php or /usr/bin/php5
  4. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    How do you mean 'check', check what?

    I understand there is an /opt/php51

    But what do you mean? check it...for what?
  5. Mr.Tom

    Mr.Tom Guest

    I mean to check the ioncubeloader integration and version of ioncube
  6. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    I have, its showing up in phpinfo as 3.1.4
    Also the so files are correctly located by the zend engine in the configs under /opt/
  7. Mr.Tom

    Mr.Tom Guest

    okay, then we have to wait until swsoft fixes this buggy 3.0 release of sitebuilder!
    SuSE 10
    Plesk 8.01
    Sitebuilder 3.0.0
  8. nullsystems

    nullsystems Guest

    sounds like it doesnt it :(

    FC4, php5, plesk 8.0.1, sitebuilder 3.0