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Scheduled Tasks call a php file!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Vlad555, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Vlad555

    Vlad555 Guest


    My domain have Parallel Plesk control panel 8.6 .....and i ve uploaded my web site...and a want to add a Schedule that call a php file!

    I don t know what to write on: Path to executable file *

    I read all the same topics...but all had the program instaled on their pc, so they knew the path!

    I 'm a beginner,.....i sow in their post the path like d:\plesk....... All i can see about my domain is with a ftp client (/httpdocs/myfile.php)

    I've tried different tipe of path but with no result!

    1.If I call the file in web browser (www.my........site.com/myfile.php) it works.....delete some expired rows from a table!
    2.I checked all the minutes, days, weeks.... from my scheduled task just to see if it runs.....the result=>nothing
    3.I ve tried even : php www.my........site.com/httpdocs/myfile.php or /httpdocs/myfile.php

    I don t know how to do it.....pls help me and save my nervs :D

    All the best!
  2. Zeon

    Zeon Guest

    I'm very interested in how to do this also. You can manually create a windows cron job with RUN setting as
    "C:\program files\parrallals\plesk\additionals\php5\php.exe" -f "C:\phpscript.php"

    However I can't figure out how to do it in plesk or how to use a URL?
  3. Vlad555

    Vlad555 Guest


    After a discution with the Hosting administrator, the solution was:

    to path: c:/inetpub/vhosts/domanin_name.ro/httpdocs/file.php

    On the last textbox don't write anything!

    BUT just be carefully on what user do u make de task.Do it for the default user and all will work!
  4. AhmedF

    AhmedF Guest


    Iwant to setup a cronjob on linux server? how can I set it up?