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secondary dns with only one plesk server?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by js1904, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    My senario is currently 3 Windows Plesk servers.

    Currently running as three stand-alone plesk servers.

    My DNS is running on two FrreeBSD/ProBIND servers.

    I have 2 registered name servers ns1.domain.dk and ns2.domain.dk at the moment.

    But I would like to move all DNS the Plesk Server - but what do I need to get along?

    I have this Idea:

    Plesk01 ns1.domain.dk (primary)
    Plesk01 ns4.domain.dk (seconday)

    Plesk02 ns2.domain.dk (primary)
    Plesk02 ns4.domain.dk (seconday)

    Plesk03 ns3.domain.dk (primary)
    Plesk03 ns4.domain.dk (seconday)

    ns4.domain.dk could be a linux/freebsb or another windows/plesk

    BUT how is the primary dns refreshing the data on seconday dns servers?

    Best regards


  2. geome

    geome Guest

    Did you fix it?
  3. js1904

    js1904 Guest


    My senario is currently:

    Plesk 7.5.2 with Microsoft DNS: ns1.eze.dk

    Secondary DNS Microsoft DNS: ns2.eze.dk

    But I can't figure out how to configure Plesk to automatic add ns2.eze.dk as the preferred secondary dns.

    Everytime I create a new domain ns1.eze.dk is set, and a second NS ex. ns.domainname.dk also is created.. so I need to manually configure DNS - everytime - in MS DNS on the server.. this really sucks..

    I don't need ns.domainname.dk - I need ns1.eze.dk and ns2.eze.dk!!

    and everytime a subdomain, webmail or ANYTHING to change a dns record, the Nameserver is set back to scratch and I have to re-enter MANUALLY the ns2.eze.dk in nameservers tab (MS DNS) and so on...


    Ideas guys?


    www.eze.dk :mad: :mad:
  4. geome

    geome Guest

    I have exactly the same problem.

    I have configured 2 ns servers, but the system creates his own ns.computername , whithout ip. So i have to manualy delete this entry.

    I have also a linux server with PLESK 7.5. The Linux server does not have this problem.

    Any ideas?????
  5. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    Have you made your changes from the admin panel under dns for your default dns zone settings?
  6. geome

    geome Guest

    my ip / 24 PTR mydomain.com
    ftp.mydomain.com . CNAME mydomain.com
    mail.mydomain.com . A my ip
    mssql.mydomain.com . A my ip
    ns1.mydomain.com . A my ip
    ns2.mydomain.com . A my second ip
    sitebuilder.mydomain.com . A my ip
    webmail.mydomain.com . A my ip
    mydomain.com A my ip
    mydomain.com . MX (10) mail.mydomain.com .
    www.mydomain.com . CNAME mydomain.com
  7. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    Yes I've made some changes in admin controlpanel, but it wont work.. :rolleyes: