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server crash

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jejas30, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. jejas30

    jejas30 Guest


    I have had a major server crash I can reach the files on my harddrive but can't run anything on it, I have made a fresh install of fedora core 2 and the same version of plesk on a new harddrive and mounted the old one so I can copy al the files needed.

    Can someone please tell me the best way to copy the directory's needed to restore all users , data and mysql databases? which directorys do i need to copy?

    Please don't say use psabackup en psarestore becuase it won't work, I need help fast and am willing to pay for it.

    If someone is willing to help you can contact me on jejas26[at] msn [dot] com
  2. rvdmeer

    rvdmeer Guest

    NOTE: This is what i should do in your situation just to me sure the downtime is as low as possible. I do recommend you to create a fresh install and add all the custumers in plesk by hand so everything is generated like it should! Also consider that this might not work for you... in other ways... Its at your own risc.

    I did manage a Fedora Core 2 server for a while. After a crash i needed to restore plesk data as well and based on that experience i can tell you:

    Customer files in: /home/httpd/vhosts/
    Qmail configuration+mailboxes: /var/qmail
    MySQL is located in: /var/lib/mysql/

    I dont know if its possible but for mysql i would run mysqldump. Else tarball* that directory to keep permissions untouched.

    * Creating a tar ball is better then just copy because it will not touch any ownership permissions.

    Also importend is the /etc directory where things like useraccounts/groups and passwords are stored for FTP logins.
    (/etc/passwd /etc/groups/ and /etc/shadow)

    This is how i solved the server crash. After that some customers called about some permissions on SQL which warent' correct anymore. But for the most users it did work. Not long after that we decided to build a new server and added all customers by hand.

    I hope it helps and my advise to you is to be very carefull.
  3. next-step

    next-step Guest

    rvdmeer, good answer,

    also need to tar / untar