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servers hanging

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by brownlb, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. brownlb

    brownlb Guest

    We moved our Windows hosting in-house about 3 months ago. We setup a 2003 Server running Plesk 7.5.6. For a while, everything was good, but then the server started hanging every day to day and a half. The only thing we could do is reset the power. There were absolutely no logs in Event Viewer at any point when it went unavailable (Nagios is monitoring it, so we know exactly when it goes unavailable). We thought it might be hardware, and since we had an identical spare server, we installed Windows 2003 and Plesk 7.6.0 on the spare.
    The new server was set up a couple of weeks ago, and it started hanging up this weekend. The first time it happened, there was an error dialog box:
    "W3WP.exe - Application Error
    The Instruction at "0xt1f4200b referenced memory at "ox000000p4" The memory could not be read"

    I've been able to deduce that W3WP.exe has something to do with ASP. We do have several ASP sites. But after that first time, it has just locked up. There hasn't been any error dialogs or any error logs. It's acting just like it was on the old server.

    I'm not sure if this a problem with Plesk, but it does seem odd that it would happen on both servers. So my question is sort of twofold: is this an issue with Plesk? And does Plesk have any tools that would help me diagnose what is causing the hang? Also, could there be one site that is causing the problem?

  2. mkite64

    mkite64 Guest

    I'm having the same or similar problem. It must have something to do with application pooling and ASP/.NET.

    I'm going to dig deeper, but I'm looking forward to hearing from someone on this forum.

    Good Luck