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setting up Plesk (DNS & Domain User Access)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by mysys, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. mysys

    mysys Guest

    First of all, this is all new to me, I have been using CPanel for a while now and have found it extremely simple to use. However we have now purchased a dedicated windows server with Plesk and we havent got a clue how to set the thing up! I've read through the admin guide and can create clients and domains easily enough, but this DNS stuff is driving me mad!
    So a few questions to anyone kind enough to reply.

    1. We have been given 2 IP addresses with our new dedicated server. When we log on to Plesk do we have to create a nameserver name (eg: ns1.domain.com) For each of those IP addresses for both ns1 and ns2?

    2. How is that done, should I be using info from our supplier?

    3. Domain user access? Creatiing clients is easy enough, but for domains I see no area where we can create a domain user username and password. How do they access the domain user control panel of Plesk? I can see a frontpage FTP password etc but no username and password.

    One last comment. All the manuals seem to say how to do things, but dont say why it is done

  2. Antony

    Antony Guest

    Let us turn to admin`s manual. Here we can see the manual for DNS template creation. So for each of the domains NS servers are placed on the same IP with the domain and NS`s IPs that your provider gave you, should be stated at your server`s NIC configuration.
    Using this template you can use any server`s IP for your domain creation - it will be entered to DNS settings automatically.

    Now what`s for domain user`s account. Let`s look here. Think all the info about domain users is described quite clear in this chapter.
  3. mysys

    mysys Guest


    Manythanks for the reply.

    I've read throught the documentation and find a few things confusing. As far as entering details are concerned I would like to see some examples. For example, entering domain details when created a new A or NS record do we enter the whole url address www.mydomain.com?

    As for domain user access the info is useful, but what it doesnt tell me is where does a domain user access thier control panel? Using CPanel users access thier control panel by entering thier domain name the url address bar thus 'www.mydomain.com/cpanel' with cpanel at the end where they then enter a username and password. Also in setting up a user domain account I still see no area for settign a logon name for that domain, although point 4 mentions about using the same login name?

    When I create a domain (www.mydomain.com) where do I enter a login name for that domain?

    OK I think I'm confusing myself now, but hopefully I'll get there in the end so we can use Plesk effeciently, and not decide to try Helm or whatever!

    Sorry to harp on about this, we've used nothing but cpanel and always found it very easy to use (as a reseller). However, now we are using a windows server we decided to use Plesk as apposed to Helm or Ensim so we have to get on with it and grasp how it works.

  4. Antony

    Antony Guest

    In most cases all the needed A and NS records are generated by Plesk itself, so you do not have to enter them manually.

    Beforу domain creation you have to select or create a customer, for whom the domain will belong to. After that in physical setup section, you ll state FTP login and password for it. You can download Plesk for free and try it on any server you want. Also here you can find all the docs for Plesk.