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Site Preview Error...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by VerityNS, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. VerityNS

    VerityNS Guest

    I'm currently getting an error when I try to use Site Preview to view one of the domains.

    Here is the error I'm recieving...

    I'm currently running Plesk 7.6.1 with Windows 2003 Standard Edition.

    I'm thinking its a permissions issue, but not exactly sure.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated! :)
  2. VerityNS

    VerityNS Guest

    Anybody have any idea on this??? Could REALLY use the help! :)
  3. VerityNS

    VerityNS Guest

    Ok... I figured out what the cause of the problem is... when you click on Site Preview, its using HTTP instead of using HTTPS. So if I manually put the URL in my web broswer using HTTPS, everything works fine.

    The real question is, how do I fix the link?
  4. Skeeter

    Skeeter Guest


    You can use the Plesk Reocnfigurator -> Repair Plesk installation -> "Check Plesk files security" and "check Plesk vhosts security"

    Does this help?
  5. VerityNS

    VerityNS Guest

    Unfortunately, it didn't correct the problem! :( The problem seems to be that the Site Preview icon is set to use HTTP and needs to use HTTPS to work correctly.

    When I click on the Site Preview icon, I get the error message above. When I change the URL in my browser from HTTP to HTTPS, I'm able to preview the site just fine.

    Anyone have any other suggestions on how I might change this?

    Thanks in advance! :)
  6. IG0R

    IG0R Guest

    Same problem here.. plesk 7.6.1
  7. VerityNS

    VerityNS Guest

    Atleast I'm not the only one! LOL -- Sorry IGOR! :)

    Anyone who might have some insight into this, I would greatly appreciate any help! :)
  8. mezzanine

    mezzanine Guest


    same issue... please let me know if someone works it out :)
  9. mezzanine

    mezzanine Guest

    I found out that if i change the ip address give to the same one as what I use to access plesk, it worked...

    I dont know why its using a different on when i hit "site preview" I think it has something to do with firewalls???

    Check to see if the site preview is using the same IP address.

    Next question, how do I change it to use the correct one?
  10. softhost

    softhost New Pleskian

    Sep 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Any solution?
  11. mezzanine

    mezzanine Guest

    no... nothing...

    SW seem not to want to help fix the issues and no-one else has been able to show a way of fixing.